Guidance for Glasgow Flathunting Students relating to Council Tax rules

The following information is a short summary (and does not include information relevant to international students) and should not be considered a definitive statement relating to students council tax exemptions and discounts. Please refer to the information from Glasgow City Council for an accurate and detailed account.

If you are a full-time student you may be exempt from paying Council Tax

Many students are exempt from paying council tax or can claim a discount or benefit; Since June 2001 full-time students are excluded from paying Council tax on a property when sharing accomodation with non-students.

The definition of a full-time student

  • Students in further or higher education on a full-time course, i.e., a course that lasts at least one academic year. Students must attend a minimum of 24weeks - and a minimum of 21 hours a week.
  • Student Nurses in University or college academic courses are considered full-time students.
  • Students under the age of 20 in non-advanced education coures, i.e, qualifyng courses for education. Course must last at least 3 months and 12 hours per week.
  • If you are a Foreign language assistants and registered with the Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges.

You will already be exempt if you live in a recognised hall of residence.

Council Tax Student Discounts and Exemptions can be backdated, however you must apply for your Council Tax exemption or discount at the earliest opportunity.

Proving you are a student

To make a claim for council tax exemption you will need to prove that you are a student. To do this you need present Glasgow City Council with one of the following:

  • Your College or University Matriculation card.
  • Present a statutory student certificate, available from the registrar at your College or University,
  • A completed Council Tax Exemption or Discount application form.

Part-time students may be able to claim a discount

Part-time students can't claim Council Tax Exemption, they can however apply for Council Tax Benefit. If you are able to claim Council Tax Benefit based on your income, and you are a part-time student you may be elligable for a council tax discount. Contact Glasgow City Council council tax

For further information, contact the

Glasgow City council
45 John St.
G1 1JE

Further information can be found on the Glasgow City Council website

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