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I was born in villar St Jan 1949
margaret cox | Fri Aug 15 2014

I was born in Villiers Street in 1949. My Grandparents lived in Turner Street. You have written a very interesting piece on the history of industry in Garngad, I have learned a lot from this. However, you have not given any indication of the culture and closeness of the people who lived there. The living conditions may have been abhorrent but the people made Garngad what it was,which was a caring,loving place for a child. Neighbours looked out for each other. This is why the memory of’Garngad’ lives on after all these years, Not Royston!
susan meldrum nee kennedy | Mon Jun 02 2014

Interesting article and informative article. I stayed in Rosemount Street moving to Easterhouse about 1957 as a result of the slum clearance programme. Although I realise not everything can be covered in the report, I would have considered including a wee bit about the convent on Garngad Hill along with a comment on the even earlier lunatic asylum.
Eddie | Fri Aug 09 2013

You are correct to say Irish born people were never in a majority in Garngad. However by the late 1800s and early 1900s most of the households in Garngad were headed by an Irish born man. Check the 1891 and 1901 census returns for Garngad streets such as Turner Street, Villiers Street, Bright Street, Cobden Street, Charles Street, Middleton Place, etc. In some streets practically every household was headed by an Irish born person. The many children of these Irish immigrants were of course classified as Scottish (and rightly so) which would mean that the majority of people in Garngad were always Scottish. And also, some of the households that were headed by a Scotsman, you would find that that Scotsman was often the son of an earlier generation of Irish immigrants. Finally, Irish immigration into the Garngad did not peak in the 1850s. It peaked in the late 1800s.
Paul | Sat Nov 22 2008

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