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Glasgow West End: Pat's Guide (Home)

Little Italy - bringing a taste of Italy to Glasgow

Photo: Little Italy.Remo Crolla's 'Little Italy' is one of the West End's most loved establishments and has to be counted among Glasgow's top Pizzerias. Nine years ago, at the tender age of 22, Remo set out to bring a taste of his Italian homeland to the West End. He wanted to create a place where people could pop in for some delicious coffee or pizza or sample some home made pasta or panini in an atmosphere reminiscent of Italia.

He has brought generations of experience to work in creating an ambiance that is friendly and relaxed, yet, always busy and interesting. On the two late opening evenings (Friday and Saturday) it is bustling with customers at 1 a.m. Early morning workers snatch an expresso to set them up for the day, shoppers enjoy a quick lunch and West Enders meet for leisurely chats. It is also great for gathering your thoughts or people watching. One of Jim's regular - haunts he can often be spotted there thinking up some new schemes.

Photo: Little Italy win sandwich challenge. We frequently arrange to meet new business associates there and more often than not bump into other regulars including the Bowes family or the Papamikials. You can pop in for a coffee and find yourself ordering some minestrone two hours later then ordering a pizza to take home. It's that kind of place.

It would be very hard to find a fault with Little Italy apart from the wonderful fare - the staff are friendly, efficient and talented. Both Paolo Tanzillo, one of Britain's top baristas, and Jamie Clark, their champion sandwich maker, have brought the establishment awards and accolades galore.

Photo: Inside Little Italy. Remo's has a genuine commitment to providing value for money and the highest quality "as good as I would have my own home". He his rightfully proud of what he has achieved at Little Italy and the crop of more recent coffee houses opening in the West End has only meant that "we are selling more coffee than ever before".

You can find Little Italy at: 205 Byres Road, Telephone:0141 339 6287.

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Little Italy may be quite expensive but at least you know you are getting good quality food prepared by excellent people.Will Crazie keeps the place together and Little Italy wouldnt be the same without him!!!!! :) hee hee
--Mhairi ( mhairi_wilson at hotmail dot com ) from Scotland on 1.4.2003; 17:43:12 Uhr

Expensive though.
-- ( Email at email dot eml ) from on 26.3.2003; 23:17:56 Uhr

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