Eating Out: Glasgow West End: Otago

Otago, 61 Otago Street, Hillhead. 0141 337 2282

  • Otago - New Evening Menu
  • In summer 2000 the Pelosi brothers, Mario and Joe, and their partner Billy Kelly transformed Cafe Alba into Otago. They had all been in the restaurant trade for 'centuries' and their aim was to create a thriving business which they could also 'really enjoy'. They specifically did not want a concept restaurant but a place where they could readily make changes, introduce new ideas, where their talents and creativity had a free reign and they could 'do what they wanted'. Clearly, one year on, they are happy with their venture.

    The restaurant has a very friendly atmosphere, unusually good service, and great food. The daytime menu is varied and lunch time is very busy at Otago with starters and snacks at prices the students can afford ( we are in the heart of university land here) and a varied and attractive lunch time menu. There are some particularly interesting vegetarian dishes on offer - 'Swiss Cheese and Nut Loaf with Parmesan Mash and Sweet Red Pepper Sauce' or 'Roast Vegetable Tart with Potato Dauphinois and Salad'. You will also find lots of sea food and fish dishes on offer and I can also absolutely recommend their sea food spaghetti - simply mouth watering. Lunch dishes cost around £6. Or opt for the very tasty and substantial bruchetta at only £2.95.

    The Otago Restaurant

    The arrival of Otago, almost on my doorstop. has been a godsend to me as it is great both for meeting both new people and old friends. I know that if I am a bit early that I will feel at ease on my own. There are papers to read or you can have a look at what's available on the deli shelf - originally set up as part of the decor it has to keep being replenished as customers make purchases. At Otago they go with the flow; so you won't get the 'just for display' response if you fancy buying some wine or other goodies such as Jim's favourite Rooibosch tea. If you stay out late you can take a wee gift home!

    The simple decor is particularly enhanced by Briony Knox's colourful and clever metal work which adorns the walls. I've never met Briony but apparently she works in Otago on occasion. However, the very friendly staff will readily provide you with information about her work.

    To get back to the food - The dinner menu is imaginative, produce is fresh and I have never had a meal here which I did not enjoy. I have dined at Otago frequently with friends including those discerning diners Eleanor, Jackie and Joan - they loved their own meals but fancied each others too and waxed lyrical over the desserts. The only problem at Otago is that it is so difficult to choose.

    It is a relaxed place to dine, with very good food and truly welcoming staff - I'll be back very soon as there are some folk I need to catch up with - Jess, Lesley, Lynne Scobbie, Ian Mitchell and others - whether for coffee, lunch or more:

    Otago - New Evening Menu

    Breakfast until Noon - Monday - Saturday (All Day Sunday)

    Starters and Snacks and Lunch 12pm-5pm)