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International Robert Burns Conference 2014

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25 January 2014, 9 a.m.

Mitchell Library

Centre for Robert Burns Studies Conference

The 2014 conference is based on the theme of ‘Homecoming’, and offers a diverse range of papers. An array of high profile speakers will look at Robert Burns and eighteenthcentury Gaelic poetry, Burns and James Hogg, the Burns forger, ‘Antique Smith’ and Burns and the Commonwealth. Jerry Brannigan will deliver the annual ‘Burns Scotland’ lecture on the possibility of a newly discovered Nasmyth portrait. To mark the next phase of the new Oxford University Press edition of Burns, Murray Pittock (University of Glasgow) will reveal some of the recent work undertaken on the Scots Musical Museum. There will also be a chance to see the Mitchell’s recent acquisition of the ‘Nanie’ song-manuscript. The annual Burns conference is not to be missed!​

Speakers include:
Gerry Carruthers (University of Glasgow)
Ronnie Black (University of Edinburgh)
Alex Deans (University of Glasgow)
Richard Finlay (University of Strathclyde)
Katherine Campbell & Emily Lyle
(University of Edinburgh)


Ticket prices: half day £15, full day £25, full day plus concert ticket £45
Buy tickets


Mitchell Library 201 North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DN

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On the topic of Robert Burns.I hope Prestwick Airport is renamed Robert Burns International,and they get rid of that dreadful "pure dead brilliant" slogan.Its awful,and god knows what tourists think of it.And while they are at it,get some competition in to waken up Ryanair and their like.

Good idea, willie. I always thought that 'Pure Dead Brilliant' was a bit tacky. And don't even mention Ryanair, although, I have got a brilliant deal to fly to Ireland next month. Just have to cram everything in to the 10 kilos and no presents.

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