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A wee poem I wrote for my dads birthday

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I'm no poet and I don't write poetry and I know no real poet would consider this a poem - but it made my dad happy on his birthday - so I'm happy to have written it.

Dad - I'm, four (I mean we are all four)

And I know what dad's are for

A knee to be bounced on

A shoulder to be up high on

Or sometimes - a shoulder to scream and cry on

Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four)

And you are like the biggest tree in the forrest

Solid, rooted, always dependable

With strong branches that cover and protect

So I feel protected.

Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four)

And Dad, I want your attention -

I am rapt - I follow you, entranced

I always want to be in your gang.

And you give me your attention and I am in your gang - so I'm nothing but happy.

Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four)

And you are a magician - and you can fix and make anything

A seat for the bogey, a paper hat from a newspaper

A rabbit with your hands, conjuring up a tissue for a snobbery nose

And I'm always breaking something - and you always fixing it.

Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four)

And you make me smile when I'm sad

like when I've been told to stop eating the the coal from the bunker

And Dad, how come when you comfort me

you can sing this song better than Elvis or Nat King Cole:

“Smile though your heart is aching...”


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He was very touched, Jim. I think everyone should ditch the birthday cards and write wee poems for their parents.

I didn't realize that 'Smile' was so hard to sing - but all 21 of us had a go. :)

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