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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

2012 fast approaching ....

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Okay, dokey, we've got the steak pies and the stovies underway (Mr H's recipie to follow... ). Just the steps to sweep and the resolutions to make. What are your wishes, hopes and fears for 2012? Who's going first?

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Okay..... just as long as you know this isn't Harper will fix it. :lol:

Apart from world peace, an end to poverty, defeat to the tories, the abolition of the royal family and a referendum on independence, I'll be happy just to hang on to my job next year. :lol:

If we are talking miracles instead of wishes, I'd ask for a Labour Party that was electable.:rolleyes:

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Hope you all have a happy and peaceful new year. Prosperous is good but certainly not the most important.

Hope Glads and tig get pleasant and fulfilling new jobs and that harper's will be secure.

Happy New Year - when it comes.

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