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What is your top 3 Bob Dylan Albums?

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What makes Slow train Coming a good Dylan album is a combination of factors and that occasionally Bob somehow knows what needs to be done. He needed help in making the album from a good side man in this case Mark Knopfler: Singer, Guitarist and songwriter in a band with a signature sound that Dylan liked. Knopfler brought in Pick Withers the drummer with his band and suggested Tim Drummond who’d played bass with James Brown and Neil Young. Dylan needed a producer who wouldn’t be intimidated by him and the job went to Jerry Wexler who’d worked with other living legends like Aretha. He also produced her Christian album Amazing Grace. Jerry added Barry Beckett on keyboards to the studio musicians. The again Beckett just about lived in the Alabama studio they were going to use. The Muscle Shoals Horns led by Harrison Calloway had toured with Elton John so dealing wit a large ego was no problem to them. A great band had been assembled.

All Dylan needed to do was come up with some good songs and sing them.

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Assuming you like Bob Dylan, what do you think are his best 3 albums?

Here are my thoughts: Top 3 Bob Dylan Albums.


So Jimbo your best Dylan Albums are:

* Slow Train Coming

* Blood on the Tracks

* Blonde on Blonde

and Dexter's

*Bringing it all Back Home

*Highway 61 Revisited

*Blonde on Blonde

Bob Dylan at Budokan

I was recently looking at the cover of the album Bob Dylan at Budokan and I love all the old songs that were played at parties in my teenage years. 'Don't Think Twice It's All Right', 'Mr Tambourine Man' and my absolute favourite 'All I Really Want To Do'

I'll need to have a think before I can come up with another two albums. I can't remember what album he covers Guthrie's 'Deportees' in but I used to play that an awful lot.

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