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There seem to be scams for every event on the Net these days. Apart from the daily requests for details to update bank accounts etc some scams take some effort with requests for fairly intricate communication and co-operation.

At the moment we are getting quite a few inquiries regarding our car, which is up for sale. Today we had someone get in touch to say that they would like to buy the car at quite a bit over the asking price and that they wanted to ship it abroad. Jim thought this was pretty strange and after a wee search on the Net found information about this particular scam.

This is how it goes: A cheque is made out for the sale of the car at the inflated price. The car is not to change hands until the cheque has cleared. However, the next step is that the seller is asked to pay the shipment costs, which will be included in the price of the car.

You make the shipment costs to the source identified and that is that. The cheque for the sale is cancelled and you've handed over a nice wee pile of loot (if you are daft enough).


Twice I have received desperate emails from friends 'stranded on holiday with their cards, purses, wallets, money etc stolen'. Details were provided of their location. The emails addresses have, of course, been pinched.

The last one I answered that it would be no trouble to help out as very conveniently I knew a member of the police force where they were and would go through them. I heard nothing back.

You wonder if folk are taken in.

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I get loads of these too, Pat. Who doesn't? I usually just delete but now and again when I am at a loose end I amuse myself by responding with a lot of junk information.

Like you I call on the power of the forces and say that in future emails would best be directed to my new place of employment at Strathclyde Police.

I also get sick of telephone calls from people assuring you that they are 'not trying to sell anything'. No, they're just aiming to get you to change your fuel supplier.

I answer their questions:

Are you married or single? - Married at the moment but divorce pending but then I'll be marrying again. This upsets them. They just want a 'yes' or 'no'.

How many children live in the house? - 'Eight'

That usually brings a moment's silence.

And so I continue. I know it is childish but it brings me glee and I feel fulfilled in that I know when I am spinning them rubbish they are not pestering some other poor soul. :lol:

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There is a proper scam going round at the moment that has duped some seemingly intelligent people.

Cold calls are being made, whereby the caller claims to be from a company that sounds remarkably like a reputable company, (i.e. PC Planet, or Microworld, etc etc) and they say they are phoning about your computer. They state we are aware it has been running slowly recently, and it's been giving you trouble, it's possible you have a virus. We can fix that for you if you allow us remote access, and pay ££ (usually between £60-£100). People are then either foolishly handing over credit card details, allowing remote access to the machine, at which point the scammers install all sorts of malicious software which is capable of capturing your passwords etc, or (B) hanging up and bringing their pc into my work to have it checked and to inform us of the phone call. Unfortunately, by the time we see most of these folk, they've chosen route (a) already. We've seen people who've had their bank account cleared out, all their photographs and documents deleted, and their identities stolen.

Be aware!!

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Amazing - I didn't even enter. :rolleyes:

Your email ticket has been selected

as winner of the EuroMillions Online

Lottery along with 3 other winners for

a prize of Four million, Five hundred and twenty eight,

thousand Pounds Sterling (£4,528,000 GBP).

For claims, contact Edward Louis via email

You are to furnish him with the following details;


NAME:------------------------------ ADDRESS:-----------

CITY/STATE:-------------- COUNTRY OF


GENDER:------------------------ DATE OF BIRTH:-------- EMAIL:-------------

OCCUPATION:------- TEL/FAX:--------------


Secretary, Online Lottery.

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Looks like I'm going to be very rich:

"Your Email I.D was selected at random and you have therefore been awarded

the sum of £850,000.00 GBP (Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British

Pounds Sterling) in the ONGOING UK NOKIA PROMOTIONS 2011.

To claim your Prize contact."

A busy day for me as I've to send my details to these folk too:

"I am sending this private e-mail based on the confidential nature of this transaction .As i found out that you almost met all the statutory requirements of the adb in respect of your contract payment. A lot of people are interested in your payment and those people are merely doing paper work with.

Their whole game plan is to frustrate you inorder for you to abandon the contract payment, I am willing to assist you kindly get back to me with your private email and telephone number to my direct email.

Just as well help is at hand. :lol:

Then there's the friendly approach:

"Hello Friend.

I know you will be surprise reading this letter, but i beg you, This is not one of those scam messages on the internet, I need your help and i am willing to pay for it. I will tell you more of this if you are willing to help me."

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