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For some reason or another I am singing Zanadoo..... Xanado(sp) and I just love it when I get to the whip crackin sound..... it's an impossible sound to mimic. Kroooooooooooowshkreeeeeeeeeeeeeck

Wouldn't it be great if deletes had a sound effect?

MrsM dis a great rendition of a whip wi hur tongue an ma erse his felt the results as well!!

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Guest westender

Ah widda sed happy whituvver an aw that but ah cannae, it`s bin a complete pish year wi aw sorts o shite goin oan so ah`m away ne`er tae see ye again!!

Acht c'mon, ye know fine ye're no the only wan wi piles a shyte goin on. Disnae mean tae say ye've tae take in the windae hingin cushion and shut the windae!

Hang around and tak the air, no the vapours. Whit harm has this place ever done ye?

<here, haw, is 'shite' allowed...?>


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Big hello to Sgriob who popped in last night :P

AAAwww, ye never telt me. I kent he wis aboot bit never knew he wis hereaboots. Jings, a hiv missed him soooo much... also miss Onyirtodd........

BTW, just when I am thinking about it, Boss Pat.

Huv we got a hello,cheerio, good riddance thread? No, ....too polite, so far.? ......Please Mrs Jimbo aka Pat, any chance we could get one ?? It could be a poll.

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I too wish Maggs a hqppy biffday bit not as loudly as Ozneil due to a medical condition, x

Hope you recover, Hingmie. Was it the table dancing that did it?

Maggs, I put your happy birthday wishes on another thread. Ooops!

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Actually, Maggs, My neighbours love my annual table dancing slot, they were chappng the door today and asking where had I been. The BIG PROBLEM was that I was a guest in my (poshish) daughters home and it wis her neighbours and onecandan friends who got a view of my drawers when I did the cancan. SHE obviously had a surge of the MAD gene and joined me (nicer drawers) and as her mum, I have now accepted all the guilt.

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Pat. I used to be able to say.. that's coming from yer da's side o the faimily.. but as these strong, socially aware, loving, intelligent folk grow up .. I am stealing credit. They are mine and come from mine.

Ach, you're a wee show aff, Hingmie - just kiddin' - right to be proud.

Especially when at least one has acquired your talent for dancing. :P

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