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Hi I`m Valhalla I was born in a small town in the South of England in Sussex,my father was born in Ayr and at 11yrs when his parents died his sister took over and moved to Glasgow,so this is part of my familytree in doing,i live in a place called The Ballagh in Wexford S.Ireland and been here since 1998.i go back to Brighton once a year for 1 or 2 weeks,i love walking my dogs(male border collie) the other half breed I walk sometimes 4 miles aday,in the woods or beach

Sharon Redmond

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Hi my name is Sharon Redmond I live in Wexford Ireland but born in Shoreham-By-Sea Sussex, my father was born in Ayr when he was 11yrs old his half sister brought him up in Glasgow,as both his parents had died,so for give me if im in the wrong place in Glasgow :unsure:

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You're very welcome, Sharon. That was very sad your father losing both parents when he was so young. I love Ireland, although, I've never been to Wexford. Like many people in Glasgow, I have connections in Donegal.

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I.m moving

To glasgow and hoping to get a small flat in the west end. Where would be best place to look?

Plenty of place to choose from, Lizzie. Kind of depends on your budget and whether you are looking for somewhere lively and central or somewhere quieter.

Welcome to the forum. :)

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