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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

Merchant City Festival 22 – 30 July, 2017

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merchant city festival

The Merchant City Festival bringing Scottish and international art and entertainment to Glasgow. Fabulous programme of street arts, music, theatre, food and drink, visual art, film, comedy, dance, fashion and design plus activities for children and families activities.

The festival provides a perfect showcase for the historic and architecturally unique Merchant City so it's also fun just to have a wander around the location, try out the restaurants, bars and cafes and investigate the many independent shops.

Check out the highlights: http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/merchant-city-festival-22-30-july-2017/


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Great atmosphere at the Merchant City Festival. Jim played at The Tron Outdoor Stage. What a great spot. Great wee cafe atmosphere. Drinks, coffees on sale and cover if the rain comes on. 

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i can only agree with Pat. Thoroughly enjoyed the  music at the Tron - on the whole. Great to see Jim  doing solo again. A relaxed performance but the passion showed through!

 I also experienced a 'new' walk through Merchant City. Very impressed, once again, with comfortable diversity of the Glasgow people. A city of beautiful architecture culture and people.

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Thanks for coming along, Mary. I am always happy if I can have coffee or tea. Is that an age thing? ha ha
The Merchant City is truly a gem. That's the part of the city where the Tobacco Merchants poured their money into. So much to see. Apart from all the great architecture on the north side of Argyle Street, I also love the area behind the Iron. There are some very funky wee shops down around Parnie Street and King Street. I love the European Cafe, Cafe Cossachok and then you are only a hop and skip away from Glasgow Green. I love Glasgow too. :-)

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