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Donald Trump / New President

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Could it happen?  ...Seriously, could we be living in a world one day where Donald Trump is President of the United State and Boris Johnson is Prime Minister of the UK.  I have been a bit preoccupied by the EU debate that I wasn't really paying attention to the significant gains that Trump was making.  Three months ago I thought Trump running for President was a joke.   Stop the world, I want to get off!

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Total nightmare scenario.  The man is so crass. The pub talk tonight aired throughout the world has already made America a laughing stock. Daily Mail woman today on Daily Politics was praising Boris Johnson up to the hilt and putting his success down to the fact that he was 'classless'.  That's a new one but he certainly seems very popular with the folk in the street.

Two buffoon possibly in the world's most powerful positions. How the hell can this even be on the cards?

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Yes, he went to visit her old home – he arrived on his private jet with his entourage and stayed for three hours.  The locals weren't impressed.  They say that he's not their type – 'full of himself'.    Really it is scary. I mean what does he know about social and economic policy?  What attributes does he have that would help him to lead a country?

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I don't know how much difference these debates actually make. Does anyone change their mind at this stage?

Clearly, at least to my mind, he is a shifty arrogant unstable prejudiced blowhard.  He more or less confirmed that. 

I'm pretty sure most of the political analysts would say that Clinton had the upper hand but Trump dished out a few blows. 

I don't think his supporters care that he hasn't submitted his tax returns and that he is and out and out mysogynist without a whiff of the statesman about him. 

He could be president.  Indeed it's not getting any better. 


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Opinion seems to be that Clinton won but it looks like a competition between two lame ducks.  The fact that she is the first woman candidate in Amercian history to be nominated has bee largely overlooked.  They both seem toxic. Clinton has nothing to say that we haven't heared a million times before and Trump just seems like a very bad joke... a very very bad joke.

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10 hours ago, samscafeamericain said:

Can Michelle Obama please step forward

A whole different kettle of fish. Or we could ship them over any number of politicians.  Angus Robertson could have a good word with them.  ha ha

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I think the final flamethrower to achieving "toast" is the timely drop of the of the lastest sex scandal on Trump today.  I wonder how long they have been waiting to drop that one.  Campign managers, polsters will all be going mad right now.. briefing and counter briefing.  I know, I've seen Alan Cumming in the Good Wife. :D

I still wouldn't want to call it.  They are both awful.

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