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Found 1 result

  1. I have been listening to radio interviews of people who are claiming their versions of what happened recently on the 'border' are the 'true' ones. I try to be impartial but have a lot of sympathy with any people who are forcibly removed from their homes. However I cannot fathom the argument of one Israeli spokesman who declared the soldiers had no other recourse than to open fire in order to defend their own people who were in danger of being killed and that as a sovereign state they had the right to do this and not be censured. I didn't see/hear of any alternative attempt before the firing commenced. I'm perhaps being naive but I really can't see any justification for this extreme response. If the action was justified then why are the Israelis so against an independent enquiry? I do appreciate they have God on their side but then so do the Palestinians - the same God, I do believe. God must be a very conflicted God if he's on both sides. Or maybe he just sits on the fence...
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