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  1. Hi, My apologies if this is in the wrong place, I know the house is on the southside and not the west end, but I hope someone can answer my question.........please. I have always know there to be what I thought was the Charles Rennie McIntosh house situated at the Dumbreck Road/Bellahouston Park from way back in the early 70's.........however, on a recent visit to the same house, I was told by a young member of staff that the building has only been there since the early 1990's. So my question is, what building was on the same site before this newly built CRM house? I swear it looked like the same house, but it has been rebuilt, so I wondered if any of you might know what was on this site in the 70's and 80's? Many thanks, hope someone can help me.
  2. Hi again, Thanks for all your replies. Glad Onyirtodd remembers the White Elephant, it used to take ages to get up the winding stairs, not that I had been drinking or anything, this was even before you got a drink! :oops: I think it was Rolo who could remember going to Joanna's with platforms on!! It was so dark down in Joanna's that you could sometimes come out with a different guy from the one you went in with!! The night always ended with the DJ playing "Joanna", by Scott Walker........ahhhhh! But I'm shocked to hear it went up in flames! The Rooster was in Glassford Street, off Argyll Street, it was quite a small place, but quite good. I used to go to the Muscular Arms too, it was brill, is it now a Pizza Hutt? I went there before going to see the Eagles at Hampden in the summer and thought it looked like the same place. Although I know you went upstairs to the Muscular Arms, it was fab with all the palm trees and weird, exotic colours. Bigmags
  3. Reading all your messages has brought back fond memories of going into Glasgow at the weekends, hoping to get a lumber!! I'm glad to say I was too young for the Locarno though, but I was never away from the White Elephant, the Rooster and Joanna's, does anyway out there remember them or even had a night out there?':P' Then it was back on the last bus to EK, or a costly taxi fare if you missed the last bus!! Ah, those were happy, fun days. ':wink:' Anyway, apart from a few "dodgy", well "very dodgy" blokes at the place at the top of Sauchiehall Street, it was usually brilliant. (I can't remember the name of that place either), but there was a big dance hall upstairs and a cosy small disco downstairs where the talent went!! Oh dear, age takes it's toll doesn't it?':roll: Hopefully someone out there will remember that place and get back to me. Well, this has been great, going down memory lane, shame the memory is going!!':wink:' Regards, Bigmags
  4. Yes, absolutely brilliant, many thanks!':lol:' I do remember now Roger MacEwan, I did have a look on Google, but didn't notice anything. He was a small man with hips and legs that could go in any direction, which was just as well because I had two left feet! Thanks very much for this, you've put me out of my misery, your help is very much appreciated, thanks again. Bigmags
  5. Hi there, I am hoping that someone out there can help me. A friend and I went to a ballroom dance class in Sauchiehall Street around 1972, it was situated above the old BSM offices, but we entered up the side street to go upstairs. I know that it was the Roger ............ something school of dancing, but for the life of me, I cannot remember his surname. I know he taught balllroom dancing for a long time because another friend went there in the early 1060's. Can anyway remember his name? I would be really grateful and it would put me out of my misery. Best wishes, Bigmags :roll:
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