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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. Ah kin dae ye a black leather biker wan wi frills if ye want!!
  2. Yes, I was there for the 3 nights and it was effin magic. I will defy anyone who has attended a Status Quo concert and say that didn`t enjoy it. The band and the audience are infectious with such good vibes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, grand stuff. Ye aught try it out next time they are in town. Next visit for me are the Eagles @ Hampden
  3. Dex is right, and I know the difference between the 2. It`s just that is what they called it back in the days of black & white!!
  4. Who knows, ye might`ve even served mi a pint at the Albany!!
  5. Spent many a night there best remembered being the 3 nights of Stautus Quo when they recorded their live album and AC/DC in 78 when they appeared on stage in Scotland strips (Argentina world cup, Allys army an all that shite) and booted balls into the audience. It was also the first for seeing a guitarist using a radio lead when Angus got onto Bon Scott`s shoulders and they ran through the stalls and balcony with Angus belting out a visious riff!!
  6. Not attaw, jist young at heart mi dear!!
  7. Re Ferry, I was outside the Albany when he and Manzanera came back from some club. Ferry wis completely slaughtered whilst Phil wis as sober as yer proverbial (editing out annoying stuff of no relevance to discussion) Re Lofgren, I wis there that night an right enuff, the trampoline springs tae mind Re Skynyrd, absolutely outstanding and blew ma heid away (as above Pat) Re SAHB, all I can say is I think the man was genius, (as above Pat) Seen many many bands at the Apollo with my very first being a triple bill, The Arrows, Cozy Powells Hammer & Suzi Quatro (still got the ticket, I know (edit) what an anorak) You might like to have a wee browse through this [url=http://www.inthewilderness.com/apollo/]
  8. Ablsolutely and totally agree with you Rolo!! Oscar Mazaroli was someone who could see what was really there and capture it, whether it be on stills or reels. Some of his documentaries are stunning and should be shown more often, his talent for filming basic life in urban or suburban situations was just outstanding!! Rolo, crack on cos ah`m with ye on that one!!
  9. Ah used tae w*rk in Guvin, the shipyerds. Served ma prentiship err! Evrywan hud a nickname, err wis The Heap (he even hud a cartoon aboot him in ra Evenin Times), err wis Ra Destroyer so called cos he wis always lookin furra sub!! An many merr Aye, guid times
  10. Or mibbe the Loco Modmotions
  11. I w@rked in Govan Shiyards then and was on nightshift at the time. I came out of Govan X underground when some guy approached and asked if I would like a drink, I very nearly decked him when he said that they were filming in the pub (The black man) and would I like to be an extra and just sit there and have a pint. I said OK and he gave me a fiver and I walked to the pub which was on the Govan Rd. There were cameras, cables and people everywhere. I went into the pub and a couple of my mates were there so I sat with them while they filmed, oh yes, and we were late for work. Yes, and it was `Sense of Freedom`
  12. MrsM dis a great rendition of a whip wi hur tongue an ma erse his felt the results as well!!
  13. He's seen the light.

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