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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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  1. This image is either in one of the Stenlake collections (Bygone Ashton Lane Volume XXIII or whatever) or it's in the big green book about the West End that's kicking around the house and I can't find, the one with the piccie of Jefferson Davis in it.
  2. The flats at the top of the road seem to pre-date Wylie's as well.
  3. Looks like the tram is passing Ruthven Street. :?:
  4. I much prefer to get a little nostalgic for wee Wendy who used to work in there. :mrgreen:
  5. Anyone remember Grants music shop at the top of Byres Road from the 1980s? It had me thinking, are there now two shops on that site when there was once one Grants shop? The post office looks too wee and pokey to be that big shop. :shock:
  6. Not sure about Peter's ponytail though ... :roll:
  7. Is that Denis Law in the middle of the picture? What's happening to his snabb? It's melting! :shock: Edited to add: The poor woman on the left clearly cannot find the cider and Emva Cream combination.
  8. And Chou Parot canned off stage by the philistineree?
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