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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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  1. Thought about creating a thread where one can post old pics of West End Glasgow. So, what are you waiting for? Start posting. First Pic: A view from Park Terrace on to the area in 1870.
  2. 'The Whiskey Library' that's something really interesting. I should take out time to visit that place I guess...
  3. So Pat you're in Canada now? Its freezing over there...what about the road conditions?
  4. Absolutely right Pat. Kelvinbridge and Hyndland Sreet are great places to just spend your day strolling, snacking and shopping. Finnieston has been a favourite of mine since my childhood days.
  5. These men always put their life at risk and do something that we can't even think of. Sincerely salute these guys and well done to them wherever they are at different corners of the world.
  6. Wow, that's something to cheer about this morning. It feels great when you read such news and I think definitely more visitors should be welcome here as it is indeed a great place to stay and spend your vacations.
  7. A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all folks.
  8. Great news. Scotland deserves it whatever people may say. Love it. Brian Mcculloch Glasgow
  9. Wow that's great. How does the sun look like?
  10. Visited the same with my family last month and I was overjoyed.
  11. Yea, heard the news the other day and it didn't affect me.
  12. My Grandmother once told me -- "What the white man has done to us will someday be done to them". Although I may not live to see it, I know it will someday happen. What goes around comes around.
  13. Well, what is that and what is he is trying to do?
  14. Quite an interesting topic of discussion I must say. I would say that in order to stop the havoc that we are causing to mother earth maybe, she would respond someday with an event that would be disastrous to a vast population of people living in certain areas. She might think that its time to teach these creatures some lesson and boom...fury unleashed.
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