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  1. Thanks Pat for the clarification in respect of anti-inflammatory drugs. There are so many ill-informed rumours flying about we don't know what to believe. This crisis seems to bring out the best and worst in people. The best is putting others first, the worst is selfishness and greed.I am buying (or rather my son is as I'm staying at home) only what I need. If it's not available I'll take an alternative or do without. There is plenty for everyone if people would only stop stock-piling. I heard today of food being taken from the food bank collection in a super-market. If true then I begin to lose faith in Humans...
  2. Thanks, Pat. Off to check out the link.
  3. The programme for the above is most impressive. Not so the prices. A few years ago I went to several events. My attendance declined as the prices increased. My income didn't increase by the same percentage! This year I can't afford to attend any. It's not just the event cost. Add in the online/tel booking fee, the cost of travelling from Loch Lomond, especially as many events involve using the train when concession cards are not usable and the total cost is prohibitive. I do appreciate that the organisers want to make the festival bigger and better but, by so doing, they are denying the poorer among the population the opportunity to attend. Is Glasgow becoming the 'London' of Scotland where only those with money can attend cultural events...
  4. I think it's an age thing! A clearing out! The ludicrous thing is I won't be hear to worry about clearing out all the clutter. I do try to re-cycle as much as possible. Would advise the checking of letters. Some need to be shredded...
  5. I don't have a television but heard recently that BBC2 Showed 'A Northern Soul', a film made in Hull about an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things for the disadvantaged kids in his city. I saw the film with Pat at the GFT and was very moved. You can still see it on catch-up. Well worth seeing.
  6. I discovered William Trevor whilst living in Athens. I joined the Council Library and read every book in English they had but I got genuinely hooked on Trevor. Mention of him is encouraging me to re-visit him and it will be via Kindle. i do like real books but can afford so many more with a kindle.
  7. Listening to Radio 4 this morning I heard one of the 27 reps say, 'I don't understand what the fuss is about Northern ire land'. If reps of the 27 don't understand, what chance has anyone else. That's rhetorical by the way. Recently Paul Merton, on reading the headline 'What is the problem with Ireland?', commented the newspaper then took pages 2-98 to try and explain. Many books have been written about 'the problem of Ireland'. I've read some of them and was married to a Belfast man for a long time - from the Falls. The in-laws 'put me straight'!!! Have also studied a lot of English/Irish history which does back to at least the twelfth century. Like it or not we sowed the wind and have been reaping the whirlwind ever since. Northern Ireland voted to remain in the UK and still want to remain. We dumped the Commonwealth to join the EU. We now believe that they will rally round and allow us to form trade links. How arrogant. We screw then and then want them to help the 'Mother' Country. Are we about now about to abandon Northern Ireland? It is a problem, one that we created. I can only remember one of the questions on my 'A' level exam paper. Gladstone said (1868): 'My mission is to pacify Ireland.' Discuss! I had an hour to answer.... Four ministries later he hadn't succeeded... Doubt we ever will.
  8. Haven't Pat and I displayed the essence of free speech! Each has her own opinion. We don't agree but we're still friends. I'm certainly not offended!!!
  9. Free speech again under threat. Boris Johnson, intellectual, well educated, politician, if not always a diplomat, outspoken to the point of - oh dear what word might one use here without getting an early morning knock at the door! He is also - one of his saving graces, for me - is his eccentricity in the tradition of the great British eccentric, a dying breed probably due in part to the non p.c. brigade. I would go so far as to say his whole family is that way inclined if I'm allowed to say that without being accused of causing offence - none intended at all - and, by erroneous extrapolation, of some sort of -ism.. I actually bemoan the passing of political candidates the likes of John Bull, Screaming Lord Sutch et al. Thank my god Speaker's Corner still exists. If I understand 'the article' correctly Boris was actually speaking AGAINST a total ban of the burka. However, he is not being lauded for that. he is being targeted in such a way that suggests he has been deliberately singled out when others who support the banning of the burka have been ignored. Witch hunt comes to mind. There are surely more important issues to which we should be attending rather than worrying about being offended, which is all this is. I have to agree with Rowan Atkinson re bad jokes. I fail to see how the comments made re letter boxes etc do anything than apparently cause offence. And when did causing offence constitute a criminal offence or demand an apology. In my life I have certainly been offended and probably caused offence by expressing an opinion. It's a fact of life. Live with it! The idea of curbing so-called offensive language is an attack on our tradition of, and right to, free speech which has long been a much admired freedom of our country and one admired by many in countries where such does not exist. It is to gain this freedom so many choose to leave their own countries and seek refuge here - as has been the case for hundreds of years. I thank my god that I live in Britain. If we lose this freedom then, at the very least, we could end up bereft of satirical comedy and literature. As far as I understand there is no religious reason for the wearing of the burka, merely that dress should be modest. It's a cultural thing surely. Many devout ladies do not wear the burka There are many peoples round the world whose culture means they wear little or no covering. Would they be allowed to parade through our streets. I heard one lady say the wearing brings her nearer to her god. I believe nudists would make the same claim. Perhaps they should exercise their rights on our streets. I lived in another country for several years. Their culture differed from mine but, outside my home, I had the courtesy to observe their cultural norms. I admit I do feel intimidated and somewhat fearful when I see the burka being worn. In modern society one is ever aware of dangers. Hoodies and crash helmets are banned widely because of identification so why not the burka. For what it's worth I stand totally behind Mr Johnson's right to free speech. As a 'victim' of ageism may I apologise for living! (apologies to Leonard Cohen)
  10. i have just heard that the state of Israel has passed a law saying only Jews have the right of self determination in Israel. This is surely aiming at the rights of other groups who live in that country. I am also perturbed about the definition of what constitutes anti- semitism. i was brought up to believe in free speech while being respectful of other beliefs in all areas. I count myself fortunate that I live in a country where, I believe, i am free to criticise/ demonstrate against the politics/human rights of any country of the world. In so doing I do not promote hatred of any group because of race or religion. However, it now appears that I will not be allowed to criticise the STATE of Israel as this may soon be regarded as racism. “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” (Hall/Voltaire)
  11. The treatment of children of 'illegal' immigrant families in USA is indefensible. Is it therefore significant that the news reports today that USA has left/is leaving the Human Rights Council? One of the reasons given - allegedly! - is the bias against Israel, which speaks volumes for USA. Any respect one had for the USA started with the election of that man as President. He has destroyed the dignity of that office and his country apparently supports him. Have just listened (on the radio)to a USA spokesman attempting to defend the separation of children from their parents by claiming it prevents the children being 'incarcerated'! Has he seen some of the conditions of these children, not to mention the possible, long term, trauma. might one quote the adage, there are none so blind as those who will not see. Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not: Jeremiah 5:21 And he said, Go, and tell this people, Hear you indeed, but understand not; and see indeed, but perceive not. Isaiah 6:9-10
  12. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Santayana I think Man is a despicable animal all round... generally speaking of course!
  13. Was I the only one who was not enthralled by Series 1? I did watch it to the end but it 'failed to engage me'. Am not rushing to watch Series 2. Now if you're talking about the next series of 'The Bridge'... After a life-time of avoiding anything with sub-titles am now hooked on Belgian or Scandinavian dramas!
  14. Just heard re England/Wales thinking of 'encouraging' people to be more appreciative of water. Don't think Scotland has a problem in that respect but, having lived in a country where water is more valued than in the UK, I have always been appalled by the cavalier attitude people have towards its use. In Greece everyone has a water meter. You pay for what you use. That makes you think more than twice about how you use water. I had a meter in my flat before I left England. I paid less than the standing charge... Is it not unfair that a household with one person pays the same water rate as a house-hold with 5 or even more?
  15. The whole situation beggars belief and, for once, I am lost for words. Heads should roll - that's government heads...
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