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  1. Yes and I reckon she is better off without Boris. Shame on him. I still find it hard to believe that Boris would wreck his own marriage by cheating on his (ex) wife.
  2. I agree 100%, Pat and I wonder how long (if ever) will it take to bring about a much-needed change to the way humans treat the planet and its precious resources? I can't see it taking place in my generation (i'm 51) even though here in London there is a ''slow'' push towards electric cars in order to deal with the pollution from diesel cars. What is it like in Glasgow Pat? Are people concerned about pollution etc and if yes what are they doing to change things? I really believe that the two main culprits are big business and the governments because they seem to be fo
  3. I agree with you, Pat, it is indeed ''outrageous'' and I wonder why the Scottish public put up with such a thing? I wonder how Nicola Sturgeon feels about it?
  4. Is this True Sam? I only ask because It's the first time I heard about it. I'm trying to lose 2 stone at the moment and it's not easy but I keep trying. The problem with me Sam is that I can be a bit greedy and I buy a wee bit more than I need to sustain me and because I don't do much exercise it goes onto my waist and tummy and face. Sam, forgive me I just realize that you were showing contempt for Boris because of his affair rather than referring to his estranged wife losing 18 stone!! I knew it sounded odd and I was right. Shame on Boris for being unfaithf
  5. Thanks, Pat, I'm really touched that you think that what I wrote is a good idea. I still believe that people, in general, ill-treat the planet and if the earth could cry it would be weeping perhaps more than ever given the problems with pollution for example.
  6. I'm not sure if you agree but I think that Avril Palmer-Banuack shouldn't get a £29 million bonus simply because of the share price for 'we buy any car, recently soared. I think that she should turn the payment down because she is already paid at least £12 million per year and that is huge so why should she get a £29 million bonus? I wonder how the Scottish public feel about this? Ms. Palmer actually defended the bonus and was quoted saying ''anyone who says they don't want money is talking bollocks.' She followed it up by saying '' We all want to earn money for our family.
  7. I agree with you, Pat, Aretha was indeed a remarkable performer in spite of the tough start to her childhood. I don't know if you agree with me Pat but I sometimes think that a tough start to our lives can sometimes be a mixed blessing in that the person can draw on their experience and put it into their songs and some of them go onto becoming classics. In fact, I think that some of the best songs are based on reality rather than the standard boy meets girl why are often easy to write and don't really move and inspire the people that listen to them. Have you listened to Joh
  8. You know something, Pat, The longer I live in London the more my heart yearns for Scotland. It's strange because I've never been to Scotland but what I have heard and read about it sounds so much better than London. And it enables me to understand why Nicola Sturgeon wants Scotland to be independent.
  9. I haven't read the actual book but having heard about its content perhaps it would help young people to reject racism and understand how it divides people and stops people from learning to appreciate diversity and see everyone as equals. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it, Pat. May I ask what made it enjoyable to you? I can recall watching 'roots' when it was broadcast back in the 70s. The part where he is being whipped mercilessly moved me to tears and I had to leave the room because it upset me so much and yet I was a wee boy at the time.
  10. Strangely enough, I haven't had anyone knocking on my front door saying 'trick or treat'. Then again Wembley isn't rolling in money.
  11. I don't like Halloween Pat. In my opinion, it has become like Christmas and Easter meaning its just another way to get us to spend money at certain times of the year and I particularly object to the way that young people tend to be targetted with clever advertising and yet it all boils down to just wanting to make money. Nothing wrong with that it's just the way its done that I find off-putting.
  12. This is an interesting post, Mary. I've never read ' To Kill a Mockingbird' and I have no intention to either. But that has nothing to do with my racial ethnicity and the fact that the book deals with the reality of racism in America's deep south. But my thoughts on it being banned are two-fold. 1.The people responsible for the ban mean well and are just thinking about the tender feelings of the young children that may be affected if they read it. 2.This is as you wrote ' pc gone mad'.
  13. This isn't a story in the proper sense it's more of an idea for a story that I thought about this morning as I was going to meet my work coach. Given the fact that planet earth is sadly inhabited by people that gradually bringing it to close to environmental ruin, I just wonder how the planet would show its feelings if that was possible? Humans tend to respond to physical pain and injury by crying but how would the earth respond to what humans are doing to it? My immediate thoughts are it would cry, bawl, weep, in such a way that would hopefully make people change
  14. I no longer pay the license fee so I don't watch TV anymore but I used to enjoy watching things about ancient history.
  15. It's been a while since I last posted in here and I must say that it is nice to come back after a long break. How are you, Pat? It's good to know your forum is still going strong. How're things? I had a wee bit of discomfort a few days ago...family problems...I'm a sensitive guy and so I feel hurt but I'll get over it. Anyway, I'm off to whip up a nice greasy fry up...so catch up later. Bye Pat and the gang xxx
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