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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. Aye, I must've been here since then, it was nearly a year ago
  2. The only other buildings retained from the 1901 exhibition were the Sunlight Cottages, close to the Dumbarton Rd entrance to the park, which were typical of the accomodation built by William Hesketh Lever for the workers at his factory in Port Sunlight on the Wirral. The houses were donated to the corporation after the exhibition and are used by parks' staff. There was also a previous exhibition in the 1880's whch was held in Kelvingrove - the profits from which funded the building of the Art Galleries and Museum.
  3. No point in that, 1 has the steeple missing another has a bit of the steeple and the foreground missing and the other has all of the steeple and none of the foreground
  4. Cheers...its actually 3 shots stitched together
  5. Ah cannae believe that youse had another 3-4 pages of debate efter ah told youse where it wis on page 1 :roll:
  6. Partick Cross - the Judges is out of shot to the left. The site is now occupied by those "yuppie flats" and what was Club 500. The last remaining part of that building was Cinders, later to become the Volcano and had a starring role in Trainspotting.
  7. Alcoholic beverage with a similar flavour: Morgan's Spiced Rum and lemonade 8) yum yum
  8. The West & North one also had a fair bit of Maryhill Rd (although it could have been Cathcart Rd) on it.
  9. Ring tailed lemurs and I've seen them somewhere although I can't quite place them - Ruthven Lane?
  10. No idea where yours are HH, mine is in a park on the Black Isle.
  11. I think it was this one: 2 flies are coming down your nose, which one reaches the bottom first? The one on the bogey!
  12. There is a tale that Andy tells about a kid who called in with a joke. He gets the child to tell him the joke before putting him on air to check the joke is (a) radio friendly ( not funnier than his own material. So having passed these 2 tests the child is allowed on air and tells his joke. Of course by this time the wee boy has decided that the joke he was going to tell didn't quite meet his exacting standards and tells a different joke. Which wasn't radio friendly and was funnier than Andy's own material, it took him around 2-3 records to regain his composure. Unfortunately I can't remember what the joke was.
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