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  1. Thanks Pat & Lynnski, been working on this a long time it should be fun. Just need to get in enough folk to see it thats the challenge now! Cheers Pete
  2. Hi folks. I am finally doing my debut solo art exhibiton in a new gallery in Finnieston called Veneer. It previews this friday (26th) and runs for 4 weeks. Hope some of you can make it down I have been working hard in preperation for this. Please invite anyone you know thats intersted in art. I made a little post about what its about... well why its called 'roots', its not really about anything its just paintings I have done recently. There is not a particular theme... I have been doing a few blossom pictures recently and have been on a full moon theme too. Thats about all you get to know
  3. Hi pat, I put an event on the calander. Last months went really well and the next on is this friday 2nd Nov & will be our 5th event. I put details of who is all involved on the calander. Pete
  4. Just back from the opening of the new exhibition down at the Hidden Lane Gallery. Its really really good, some amazing photos and old etchings, drawings and paintings of Glasgow from 1680 onwards. Highly recommended folks. Link
  5. I'd rather have trees over deer, give it a couple years they will be rampant again...where as trees take decades to become established. There is too much deer love, they are usually out of control and not only damage to the landscape they cause road accidents. If you took all the deer completely out the equation whats lost exactly? Venison is real tasty too!
  6. There was an acricle about the exhibit in the paper.. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/binman-rescues-artwork-treasures-from-the-dump.17245723
  7. Apart from at the Hidden Lane Gallery I don't think so. She did exhibit in her life time at various levels so I guess anything that exists is in private collections, I don't think she was well known enough for anything to be in likes of a museum. The exhibit is mostly drawings and sketches plans for paintings, but some private folk have loaned some paintings to the exhibit so there are a few.
  8. Aye still up, mean to get in early this week and switch them round for some newer items as I have been making a lot this week. It was really noticeable last week when the sun arrived the lane sprung into life, doors open, people chatting.... a fair change from jan / feb. Roll on summer.
  9. Hi guys i went to the new exhibition at the Hidden Lane Gallery on argyle street. Its worth a look, quite an interesting story behind the collection of work and the artist herself had quite a life. I wont spoil the story.... Its open tues / sat 11-5. And of course you can pop round and visit me after Pete here is a link to the gallery site Gallery
  10. I shall check this post over the weekend, im away up to Inverness tomorrow to deliver a painting & measure a window so I am not sure if I am back Sunday or Monday and at what time monday. Probably best to count me out on this outing...
  11. Ha ha dont leave it up to me, the only days I take off are Sunday & Monday. looks like we are all on opposite schedules!
  12. Pats Brush With Death ! I was rather looking forward to seeing Pat today at the studio....what I wasn't expecting was nearly killing Pat, not what I had envisaged as the ideal start to my gallery. When I do a craft show it takes a few customers to iron out issues with your table display, and with the gallery I expect to have a few things to tweak as people visit & I identify things I want to change. Be it display, space and placement of things. So after the last couple weeks I figured I had everything well set up ready for visitors.... Well pat arrived today & literately m
  13. Cool, I'll look forward to it. Pintrest is kind of good, I've been travelling through the different categories, its just a drag trying to find the original root of a photo especially when it comes to products. I have found some gems tho... it certainly passes a evening if your lost.
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