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  1. Why you ever joined the EU is beyond me. Sooner you are out the better You ditched your staunchest friends and trading partners for what?... The mess you are now in! If you do decide for a Federal System first thing is ditch House of Lords and replace it with an elected upper house. The Australian system is worth a look. Senate is composed of 12 senators from each state and 6 from the territories. Reps is based on population size with each constituency having the same number of voters +/- 10% . Smallest is in Sydney about 2sq miles largest is Kalgoorlie in WA about same size as France.
  2. Was very sorry to hear of HH's ( Robert) passing he and I go back to First Foot days where we had fun upsetting the "Clique". We lost touch unfortunately a while ago. I enjoyed his sense of humour and reading his posts here and elsewhere on Scotland and old Glasgow on other forums as well as viewing his many pics.
  3. another terrible earthquake; My heart goes out to these poor brave people Fey and her family seem to be OK. At least 65 dead but they expect toll to rise . Searchers still getting survivors out Kiwis are an immensely tough & pragmatic people and are performing miracles. Urban Search & Rescue (USR) teams from all over New Zealand & 70 from Australia, who flew in last night, complete with sniffer dogs & all equipment, have been working throughout the night. USA have immediately put all their "Antacrtic Airlift" aircraft which are based at CHCH at the disposal on the NZ Authorities as well as offering other aid. We have told NZ we will supply anything they need They have pulled out 20-30 survivors overnight incuding 1 10minutes ago. More rescue teams on way from US, UK, Japan & Australia as well as 100 Singaporean Army Engineers who were on a training execise in NZ NZ Herald
  4. Lonely British soldier's grave over-looking Buffalo River RSA
  5. Gayle, I hope you are clear on the flooding down your way ...... Good luck
  6. Even in adversity the sense of humour does not desert them A house liable to be flooded in Brisbane
  7. Brisbane city centre earlier this morning. Brisbane is my home town. They are tough and efficient. They will come thru this. In times like this the whole community hangs together and works together. Our Emergency Services are well prepared for this as floods happen often. Last bad flood in Brisbane was 1974 & a worse one in 1890. Search & rescue people & emergency workers from all over Australia & New Zealand are already there. On a brighter note the flood levees round Grafton in NSW have held (so far --- fingers crossed) & the flooded Clarence River has passsed its peak -------- Anna Bligh Queensland Premier .... Young Mum at a refuge Brisbane
  8. Hell thats a normal accent. Imagine me hitting Central Station & meeting weejie for the first time!!!! These road trains are in the Western Plains from WA to the Great Dividing Range in the East. They dont cross the mountains. BTW A "Jump up" is an escarpment. He has just climbed it and is waiting for his truck to cool a bit would be hauling grain to, probably, Dalby where it would be transhipped on to the railways to go to the ports.
  9. For Tam ( this guy is hauling grain) This may interest you inside of truck BTW The guy has a Queensland accent
  10. gees I told you! I just didnt high light it
  11. You mean NEW ZEALAND 49 SCOTLAND 3 or the other one where England beat Australia?? 35-18 I would like to say the poms were lucky!!!!! but I cant they played brilliantly & the Wallabies played like a bunch of girls When Scotland plays NZ the usual question is how much will the All Blacks win by
  12. Therr ya go Harps Hernia t'day goan termorra A Bachelor 'Why keep a cow when I can buy,' Said he, 'the milk I need,' I wanted to spit in his eye Of selfishness and greed; But did not, for the reason he Was stronger than I be. I told him: ''Tis our human fate, For better or for worse, That man and maid should love and mate, And little children nurse. Of course, if you are less than man You can't do what we can. 'So many loving maids would wed, And wondrous mothers be.' 'I'll buy the love I want,' he said, 'No squally brats for me.' . . . I hope the devil stoketh well For him a special hell. Robert William Service
  13. Here Tam anither yin The Gramaphone At Fond-Du-Lac Now Eddie Malone got a swell grammyfone to draw all the trade to his store; An' sez he: "Come along for a season of song, which the like ye had niver before." Then Dogrib, an' Slave, an' Yellow-knife brave, an' Cree in his dinky canoe, Confluated near, to see an' to hear Ed's grammyfone make its dayboo. Then Ed turned the crank, an' there on the bank they squatted like bumps on a log. For acres around there wasn't a sound, not even the howl of a dog. When out of the horn there sudden was born such a marvellous elegant tone; An' then like a spell on that auddyence fell the voice of its first grammyfone. "Bad medicine!" cried Old Tom, the One-eyed, an' made for to jump in the lake; But no one gave heed to his little stampede, so he guessed he had made a mistake. Then Roll-in-the-Mud, a chief of the blood, observed in choice Chippewayan: "You've brought us canned beef, an' it's now my belief that this here's a case of canned man." Well, though I'm not strong on the Dago in song, that sure got me goin' for fair. There was Crusoe an' Scotty, an' Ma'am Shoeman Hank, an' Melber an' Bonchy was there. 'Twas silver an' gold, an' sweetness untold to hear all them big guinneys sing; An' thick all around an' inhalin' the sound, them Indians formed in a ring. So solemn they sat, an' they smoked an' they spat, but their eyes sort o' glistened an' shone; Yet niver a word of approvin' occurred till that guy Harry Lauder came on. Then hunter of moose, an' squaw an' papoose jest laughed till their stummicks was sore; Six times Eddie set back that record an' yet they hollered an' hollered for more. I'll never forget that frame-up, you bet; them caverns of sunset agleam; Them still peaks aglow, them shadders below, an' the lake like a petrified dream; The teepees that stood by the edge of the wood; the evenin' star blinkin' alone; The peace an' the rest, an' final an' best, the music of Ed's grammyfone. Then sudden an' clear there rang on my ear a song mighty simple an' old; Heart-hungry an' high it thrilled to the sky, all about "silver threads in the gold". 'Twas tender to tears, an' it brung back the years, the mem'ries that hallow an' yearn; 'Twas home-love an' joy, 'twas the thought of my boy . . . an' right there I vowed I'd return. Big Four-finger Jack was right at my back, an' I saw with a kind o' surprise, He gazed at the lake with a heartful of ache, an' the tears irrigated his eyes. An' sez he: "Cuss me, pard! but that there hits me hard; I've a mother does nuthin' but wait. She's turned eighty-three, an' she's only got me, an' I'm scared it'll soon be too late." * * * * * On Fond-du-lac's shore I'm hearin' once more that blessed old grammyfone play. The summer's all gone, an' I'm still livin' on in the same old haphazardous way. Oh, I cut out the booze, an' with muscles an' thews I corralled all the coin to go back; But it wasn't to be: he'd a mother, you see, so I -- sliped it to Four-finger Jack. Robert William Service
  14. His neice was a doctor in Dennistoun The Quitter When you're lost in the Wild, and you're scared as a child, And Death looks you bang in the eye, And you're sore as a boil, it's according to Hoyle To cock your revolver and . . . die. But the Code of a Man says: "Fight all you can," And self-dissolution is barred. In hunger and woe, oh, it's easy to blow . . . It's the hell-served-for-breakfast that's hard. "You're sick of the game!" Well, now, that's a shame. You're young and you're brave and you're bright. "You've had a raw deal!" I know -- but don't squeal, Buck up, do your damnedest, and fight. It's the plugging away that will win you the day, So don't be a piker, old pard! Just draw on your grit; it's so easy to quit: It's the keeping-your-chin-up that's hard. It's easy to cry that you're beaten -- and die; It's easy to crawfish and crawl; But to fight and to fight when hope's out of sight -- Why, that's the best game of them all! And though you come out of each gruelling bout, All broken and beaten and scarred, Just have one more try -- it's dead easy to die, It's the keeping-on-living that's hard. Robert William Service
  15. 49-3 Dont mention Wallaby England game
  16. nice pic LG. Is it your lens or is top floor wall being pushed out by roof?
  17. ozneil


    Doesnt matter who did the de-regulation. Why didnt Labour repeal the act during their 12 years in office. Blind Freddie could see the damage it could do. Spare us the commercial, de-regulating banks well & truly helped to stuff your economy. It made it too easy to live beyond your means,which you did. Your financial gurus would have known that but for some reason the knowledge was suppressed.
  18. ozneil


    It means cut the bullshit. Wrong! They should never have been de-regulated in first place. It was a stupid thing to do to lose control of your country's cash. However, I thought we were discussing re-regulation so I didnt bother with the de-regulation in the first place. I thought my post would have been obvious that I considered de-regulation a bad idea irrespective of who did it. The main thing is Labour in 12 years did nothing to correct it. Sure they can blame Tories for introducing it but they should be castigated for their own lack of action to rectify it but they didnt want too. Easy money led people believe Labour were doing well. 2008 disproved that perception
  19. ozneil


    Yes All because of a weak ill-informed Government that hadnt the guts to repeal the laws coz it would have restricted credit and made the bubble look even more fragile. They would probably even had to cut their borrowing. You can cut the blarney, cuts no ice its only rhetoric with no real substance to the basic tenets of regulation. We all know there are crooks that need to be controlled. The fault lies squarely with the government for not taking the appropriate action timeously or indeed any action at all so letting the shysters away with it. The Labour party had 12 years to do it but they sat on their hands. (or with thumbs up their bums if you prefer) They did it here ( regulated the banks that is) in 90's Made $$$ harder to get, much wailing & gnashing of teeth about restricting credit, trade etc etc. It worked
  20. ozneil


    If the act was so bad why didnt Labour repeal it? They had 12 years to do so We both know why, the easy money was far too attractive & if Labour had tried to repeal it they would have been immensely unpopular and may have actually lost office ...shock horror.
  21. Thanks Larry. Being a Builder I was fascinated by the schemozzle on the design & building of your Parliament House. I wondered how they could have got it so wrong. I read all of the transcripts of the Fraser Enquiry. Fascinating stuff (at least to me). Straight out of the "Boys Own Book" "How to ##### up building projects made easy" I thought Lord Faser's conclusions were a bit mild The kindest thing I can say about Donald Dewar, on this subject, is that he was totally out of his depth and very badly advised. I know nothing of the man From G12s various posts it looks like mis-information may be being generated about it to cover the blunders made by him & his Cohorts. WAY OFF SUBJECT but I paraphrase coz would be too hard to find. My fav bit in transcripts was at a large project meeting where a rather ignorant, bgut loud mouthed, SMP thundered "WE will not allow one penny more than £3,???,??? to be spent." A, very obviously pissed off, consultant replied " Certainly Sir, which part of the roof do you wish omitted?" Incidently it was my curiousty about Parliament house that brought me, indirectly, to this forum
  22. G12 Im sorry to contradict you about the procurement of your Parliament Building & method of contract but you are wrong. G12 wrote I suggest you read the Fraser Report Viz 4.4 4.22 6.1 7.2 7.6 The lowest tender was not accepted!!! I can go on for ever but believe me your assumptions are wrong. It was most certainly not a "design & build contract and Dewar was certainly involved in the process.
  23. The Architect was chosen by the client to produce design drawings on which the tenders were based. The Building contract was a "Managemernt Contract" where the builder in this case Bovis Lend Lease provided the expertise to plan construction, let and manage contracts for the actual building. Because of the political pressure it was decided to "fast track" the project ie let foundation contracts before building is fully designed and start building before completion of the working plans. This can be done on projects of a well known type eg multi-storey office blocks but on a project of the nature it spells disaster. This was against the advice given but being pollies they knew better.
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