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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. Westenders should perhaps know that the property developer at Seven Lochs, who has championed the restoration of all the listed buildings there, including the former Gartloch Hospital, is NewCityVision. Ring a bell? One might reflect on the current outpourings about the possible loss of the "North Kelvin Meadow" a.k.a 'Children's Wood", a decades-old derelict and possibly toxic red blaes eyesore, that no-one took an interest in until NewCityVision applied to develop it, with Robert Adam as consulting architect (yes, a descendent of THE Robert Adam).
  2. So what genius decided to make it compete with the Wigtown Book Festival (23 Sep - 2 Oct)? Joined up thinking?
  3. rdt2


    AFAIK, 'upstairs' is now open from 5pm.
  4. rdt2


    Just to reassure residents and visitors to the West End that the Doublet is largely unchanged under the new ownership. The range of drinks is actually better - even wider choice of whiskies, large range of designer gins, several guest and craft beers that are attracting a younger (but not that young!) clientele. There's background music in the bar but it is background, and suitably 'mature' to suit codgers like me and the younger crowd. Bar staff are superb and can (and do) converse on everything from crosswords to computers - so even if it's quiet, there's always someone to chat to. T
  5. After a considerable absence, I log in to the forum only to read of the loss of HH. Odd, I was thinking of him only the other day, while talking 'cameras' in t'Chip, an establishment he would occasionally drop into. Sad indeed.
  6. The air conditioning in the Chip now works (the liquid conditioning isn't bad either).
  7. That is a blindingly stupid thing for such as you to say. That way lies religion. No. Only as a means of comparison. As I've said many times, too many people, too few resources.
  8. So, back on topic. Suppose that the LHC detects the Higgs boson and that, subsequently, there's an explanation for mass and hence for inertia. That might lead to a way of reducing the mass/inertia of an object. That would admit almost instantaneous acceleration to near-lightspeed of ordinary objects. That would be worth a lot more than £4billion.
  9. A way to reduce the population? Perhaps the LHC will be it.
  10. The convention in Glasgow is that the numbers start at the city end of the street (if there is one), with odd on one side and even on the other. However, in some older streets, the numbers run consecutively - as they appear to be in HH's pic. I think some streets were renumbered but not all - ours still has the old numbering, much to the confusion of delivery drivers.
  11. Ah, but who knows what a 'geggie' is?
  12. The upstairs bar in the Chip now has a print of either this or a very similar photograph on the wall.
  13. http://www.thewesternbaths.co.uk
  14. rdt2

    Byres Road

    In fact, the first edition of the Evening Times hits the streets before noon or shortly afterwards. Useful to know for student flat-hunters.
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