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  1. I remember how it went I will post. Maybe you could wear a Hey Jimmy Bunnet with the ginger hair.

    Thanks Rory. Nowadays I can do the Jimmy bunnet thing without props.

    My favorite joke is about the pet centipede. Not necessarily a Scottish joke, but the hermless lead character and his squalid environs reminds me a lot of certain byways of Dundee.

  2. A guid New Year tae Yin and Aw.

    Mrs. Sgriob read my greeting and asked if Yin and Aw are pandas. Nae culture, some folks.

    I know I know I know, I only post here when I need help. Here's the issue: I'm doing three Burns Suppers this year and have run out of suitable jokes. Any ideas? Said joke can be only tangentially associated with Burns (i.e. Sex, drink, religion and politcs are fine) and if vulgar should be mild enough to provoke blush and titter, rather than outrage or accusations of racism or sexism.

    Some killjoys aver that the Immortal Memory is no place for silly jokes. Not IMHO. Burns had a terrific, if bawdy, sense of humour. I always try to give a speech that would make the invisible Immortal guffaw.

    Luvya all, Mean it. Bye.

  3. "You still heading over, Sgriob?"

    Wild horses annat, Pat. I'l be staying near Perth starting on 8th Sept. I have sworn a solemn oath not to discuss this issue with my No-saying rellies. But I'll be singing, dancing and disgracing myself as much as possible with the old gang. I hope the gap in the polls gets no narrower. The Ayes need the inspiration, and mebbe some Naws will think it's in the bag and not bother to vote.

    Today I feel it in my bones that it will be Yes. Even if it's not, I'm more sure than ever that Independence is inevitable sooner or later.

    I daydream about spending my final years in an Independent Scotland.

  4. "....the woman talking to herself in the kitchen... Like something from the 50's. "

    Absolutely clueless. I did laugh -- it had the rhythm and subtext of a Harry Enfield sketch -- but I also blushed in shame. She sounded painfully like some women I know who are, let's just say, not a million miles from my own family circle. Sadly, that kind of attitude -- "it's aw above my head and I'm too busy with life to pay much attention to such matters and besides every politician is out for him/herself and doesn't give a rat's bahookie about ordinary folk" -- is commonplace where I come from.

  5. I had a pal pick me up a souvenir copy of the Sunday Herald today. Sold out in Blairgowrie and Dunkeld, nabbed the last one in a Pitlochry shop. It's a turning point, if you ask me. Victory is in the wind. I read the editorial to Mrs. Sgriob, who sniffled and went all shiny eyed on me. She used to do that without newspaper editorials.

  6. Tuesday night on STV we'll get the Lamont / Sturgeon head to head. I wouldn't like to be in Johann's shoes.

    Me neither. I'm a size 12.

    McWhirter in the Herald today: "What is remarkable in Scotland, at this turning point in history, is the almost complete absence of street politics in the referendum campaign. I think this a good thing, on the whole, but it puzzles the many foreign journalists who come to Scotland looking for drama - for million-strong marches, megaphones, riot police."

    That will be my problem in September too. My Editor here expects literal and rhetorical fireworks, photo ops and megaphones. Still racking my brains for the right way to report this.

  7. Looking forward to it. :)

    Me too HH. Even if the No vote prevails this is an exciting moment in Scotland's history. I'm beginning to think that Independence is an inevitability -- regardless of September's result. This whole debate is giving us all a clearer view of how we think of ourselves, and of how the rest of the UK views us.

  8. Thanks all (HollowHorn? You yet live?). The rough plan so far is to catch a couple of weeks of the Festival, then repair to Tayside to await our fate. Probably set up HQ in Perth. So far I'm the only one in my (original) family who supports Yes. I gave them all a good lambasting last time I was in-country, but whit can ye dae, short of sending them to re-education camps? I'm definitely up for a swally or two.

  9. Not sure if this is the right place for it, but I need some help. I intend to be in Scotland for the Referendum, possibly to report on the countdown and the vote for an on-line or print outlet. The MSM will cover the obvious stuff, but I'll be more interested in the view from street level (Edinburgh or Glasgow.) Where do you think 'ground zero' will be when the results come in? I'd be most grateful to learn of any scheduled party-type events (be they celebrations or wakes) should you good folks hear of any. In the meantime I'm immersing myself in the issue. Which commentators, pols and journalists do you think are the most eloquent on either side? (I already ingest the Herald coverage religiously.)

    Many thanks.

  10. Just watched the Greenock debate and once again was irritated by the inclusion of a token "celebrity." Sanjeev Kohli and Eddie Reader might be intelligent people, but they have no specialised knowledge of the issues and serve only to irritate. I could have done without that pompous wee p---k Alex Massie annaw. Nice to hear Fiona Hyslop quasi-quoting Burns, but the level of respect for the Bard was sadly low in the audience.

  11. I did the Tam o' Shanter without translation or apology. One chap said he understood every fourth word. Some said they were amazed at my memory. (Must be a culture thing; my pal Colm from Cork can recite half a dozen Shakespeare sonnets and scads of Yeats and Merriman, all reinforced, in his youth, by the tawse.)

    At least my American friends can say they heard it once. And they now know the origin of the wee hat with the bobble, a mediocre brand of blended whisky and the reason why the figurehead of the Cutty Sark is a bare bosomed lassie clutching a mop head.

    When she read "is it me or Burns getting bigger every year?" Mrs Sgriob made an insensitive remark. I do think my kilt has shrunk a bit, however.

  12. Did two Immortal Memories this year, two Addresses to the Haggis, and one Tam O'Shanter. Two proper gigs and our annual do at a someone's palatial home. Highlights: flautist Susan Winsberg reciting "To a Mouse" flawlessly and with feeling; Gordon Duncan's "Thunderstruck" to usher in a haggis; a fabulous haggis cooked inside a crispy chicken skin (sheep's stomach illegal in California; scattered cheers at a mention of a Referendum Yes vote. Lowlights: a guest at a formal in shorts and teeshirt; three women who had never heard of Burns; a male guest wearing a broadsword, with his kilt on backwards.

    Is it just me, or is Burns just getting bigger every year?

  13. I couldn't believe it when I read that Brand had been asked to write for the New Statesman. The interview with Paxman was interesting but I suspect we have got as much as we are going to get from Brand. He's pretty light weight... smart enough to grasp the issues and deliver the sound bite but totally lacking the commitment to really do anything about it.

    Can two very rich geezers really claim to know, let alone speak about the underclass?

    It was the Paxman interview that won me as a fan. Brand is trying to redefine the debate and here promoted a different slant on Paxman's conventional 'wisdom.' He's a communicator. If he gets people, younger people in particular, to think about the issues of equality and social justice in a creative way, he will have done his job.

    Brand grew up in humble and difficult circumstances. Becoming rich does not necessarily destroy empathy. Au contraire.......

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