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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. Buffoons. The United Kingdom is a complete mess. Hope 2019 sees the end of Scotland in the Union.
  2. Liked it better than The Bodyguard.
  3. Was that from imagination Sammy? Good job. Like the wee wall.
  4. Yeah cool place to hang out back in the day. Didn't fancy the lentilly menus though.
  5. Tried Tulipane. Very reasonable very pleasant and good food.
  6. Touching in briefly. Don't want to play big role in feeding oxygen to Johnson. An opportunistic egotist with no morals.
  7. Super cafe on Dumbarton Road at Broomhill end of Partick. Tullipane.
  8. I'm still perusing the brochure in the park. hee hee
  9. Good move getting rid of Rajoy.
  10. They'll never get another boss like that one. hee hee
  11. Veronica


    Don't know how you managed to bite your lip, maryspetses. What a damn cheek. I'm always telling folk off. I'm going to keep doing it. I keep an eye out for queue jumpers. I wasn't too upset about staying in. Don't have a car and wasn't about to trudge.
  12. George Clooney - now you're talking. But don't think Trump wants to budge.
  13. Going along to check out what Ten Writers is about. Looks like there will just be five of them at the event.
  14. Three Girls good acting.
  15. Anjelica Huston worth a look.
  16. I wanted Jenna to win. Best 'journey', as they say. Christmas Special what are they thinking wi Jeremy Vine?
  17. Merry Christmas. Too many mince pies and too much rotten telly but hear Little Women starts tonight. I got a bottle of Glayva and a furry hot water bottle. Any smashing pressies?
  18. Is there something wrong with the lighting on RT? Seems a bit odd but agree also bit odd hearing so much about Scotland. Not a Jungle fan but might see how Kezia Dugdale is faring.
  19. Scunnered with politics and the telly. Had a nice long break now back for more punishment. God help families waiting on their benefits.
  20. Typical. Opposition say success has been in spite of SNP. Can't win.
  21. Needs a rebrand as well as a refurb.
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