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  1. I have been watching Kiri. I enjoyed Sarah Lancaster in Happy Valley too.
  2. I am a bit late and not been online much. Happy New Year to you all.
  3. The charities are sending the donations back as morality is an issue.
  4. rory


    I am going in The Fall.
  5. The buildings and the regulations need to be changed. The problems seem to be effecting buildings throughout England. It is a wonder there have not been more terrible disasters.
  6. They would need to have more of a mix of shops. I is full of fast foods and pound shops.
  7. I went along to the party in the lanes as the week-end. It was very busy but people were still managing to find a drink. The all dayer at Oranmor should be good.
  8. My mother and aunts are very happy to hear about this but I do not think we will see any fancy shops coming back especially with Brexit. Still it will be good to see the street looking smarter.
  9. It is not right this deal with DUP. Sectarianism is already a problem in West of Scotland. Th4e alliances that were made in the campaign for independence last time broke down a lot of barriers we do not want them built up again. Now that there is an SNP Provost in Glasgow we might see an end to of sectarian marches.l The DUP would encourage more and of course the peace deal in Ireland is and even bigger issue.
  10. Very shocking and it is a nightmare for those people who have lost everything and especially those who have lost their lives. The neighbourhood will never be the same. Watching the poor people in despair on television. Some of them sayhing that they have been complaining and worrying about fire. The Prime Minister made a private visit.
  11. I saw the first episode of this. It is very spectacular and must have a very big budget. Horrible dystopian scenes. It is nof for the fainthearted.
  12. It was a very well done documentary. The players were probably happier than those of today even though they did have the big earnings.
  13. I do not see how she is popular but think the media presents a view that she is more popular than she is.
  14. I did not think Nicola Sturgeon should have been negative about Corbyn. But he usually repeats nonsense you hear from Kezia Dugdale/ It is a fact that Angus Robertson has been stronger in raising issues with the Tories than Corbyn has been quite often. That you gov poll showing seats regarding voting intentions showing that the Tories would not get enough seats indicates a very big drop in support for the Tories.
  15. I watched the debate last night. I thought the three women leaders Leanne Wood, Caroline Lucas and Nicola Sturgeon were all really good. Nicola Sturgeon definitely received the most applause. I wish Theresa May had been there. They would have given her a right showing up. I think Corbyn should have been there.
  16. I think some people want to believe the Daily Mail because then they have clear consciences. A lot of people who are in work are living in poverty.
  17. In my first job I was bullied and it made every day miserable and I got called in to see my boss because I had a lot of time off. The bullying was investigated and it stopped but the atmosphere was awful and I had to look for another job. The job I got was much better. I do not know the programme is it Jeremy Kyle. I do not watch that but I know there is a lot of shouting and aggression on it. I hate these programmes.
  18. There are some very witty people. I saw the one where Theresa May is sawing the branch of the tree that she is sitting on. I am not sure how to copy it as it is a film it is by Joe and Co. The answer to her letter is not going to make her happy as the procedures in exiting the EU will not be like she requests.
  19. I do not think it should be on all night. They would probably make more money if it was on for a few hours over a few days. I liked when they sang Armadillo and Ronnie Corbett fell but cannot think of many other funny scenes.
  20. It was a good drama but the ending was poor.
  21. I picked up a copy of Home Ground this morning when down at The Mitchell to hear Mallachy Tallack.
  22. Some of the proposals that Gordon Brown has in his new plan include the same things as is in the paper on Brexit from Scottish Government. It is funny that he has had so much media attention this morning when during all theis time there has been not been much mentioned about that plan.
  23. I watched the big twitter storm last night. He seems to have tried to soften what he had said. He has made a bit of a mess accusing almost half of Scots of being racist because they would like to have an independent country. Scotland is not the country opposed to migrants and stopping refugee children from entering. I do not think these are actions that Khan agrees with but I am clear that Nicola Sturgeon does not send out a racist message.
  24. I hope we will get more good programmes like Still Game and some Scottish dramas. Outlanders should have been available. Maybe we will get it now. The budget is less than half of what was suggested would be needed when the idea was put forward. I think if there was more Scottish News that more people would support Independence as BBC at present is very biased against this. Professor John Robertson's research showed this very clearly.
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