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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. ... a few more Partick shots : The lovely light after sunset. Obsessively following the moons' appearances eventually gives some good results. cheers, Ian.
  2. Hehe, that 'tilt shift' effect is cool, isn't it ! Ian.
  3. and here are some more of Partick : I've been chasing moons for a while now. and the afternoon light is always such a gift. Ian.
  4. As part of my farewell to Glasgow : A great local event ! - I'll miss it ! and I'll never forget this : cheers, Ian.
  5. Oh, I came as a package, my partner has been employed here, but our 5 yrs is almost up. With photography not earning me anything here, I thought I'd get stuck into a project anyway, and documenting is always my thing. Seeing the history of Glasgow and how it's changing is interesting. Also how places handle 'regeneration' is close to my heart - in StKilda, the part of Melbourne we're from, it's also called 'gentrification' and if not managed, just forces the lowest paid out of an area while it tries to make itself 'renewed'. It's been great to see Scotland and also to jump over to visit
  6. Thanks Lone ! Well, it was just a matter of always photographing on an overcast day, from the same distance, with the same focal length, waiting till cars get out of the way and repeated visits to certain parts until I have it all captured. 350 photos in all. Then stitching it together in Photoshop. I hoped to get it printed (4" high x 40 meters long) and have an exhibition, but I couldn't find funding or a venue. I originally had the idea back in Melbourne, where I'm from, but never got around to it. cheers ! Ian.
  7. Hi Pat (tried to PM you, it said you couldn't accept any more messages) Sorry, it still didn't work. It says "that image extension is not allowed" I tried - <a href=" title="GlasgowStreetProjectw by Ian Buckland.com, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4004/4611266936_2fd920cbe8.jpg" width="500" height="154" alt="GlasgowStreetProjectw" /></a> and and Ian.
  8. Thanks ! Incidently, I cant see how to insert a photo into a post. I tried to use a photo URL from my Flickr page but it wouldn't accept it. ?? Any tips ? cheers.
  9. I have documented the Partick section of Dumbarton road and here's the website : glasgowstreet.org Any feedback - please feel free. I'd like to add people's stories to the project too, so if you have any stories about living on this part of Dumbarton Road, or any amazing events that happened, please let me know ! cheers ! Ian
  10. Hi, I'm Ian Buckland ( ianbuckland.com ) I've been living in Partick (over from Australia) for the last 4.5 years. I've been documenting Glasgow and Scotland whilst living here and specifically, I've documented the Partick section of Dumbarton Road and made a webpage ( glasgowstreet.org ) to display the streetscape as it was in Summer 2009. I had been noticing how shops come and go and how the feel of Partick is changing slowly. Capturing how things are right now is so important because things are always changing. I'll put a photo up in the Visual arts section of this forum. If a
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