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  1. Do'h!! Ok,the next time it would be better for me to shut up! 25 in Glasgow??Do you see?It's not true that is always raining this is why there are people like me that would like to move there!! =)
  2. What happenes if I tell you that here we have lovely 28 degrees?? If you want we can swap:I come in Glasgow and you here in Italy! Hahaha!
  3. Thank you very much, I'll send them an e mail with my CV (even if it's not so long!!) and will see. Damn, it's so difficult!I really would like to go back to Glasgow but it seems to be impossible : (
  4. : ) what do you mean by contact/technical support centre?! Anyway, I've thought about pub jobs because maybe that is a kind of job you can do even if it's for a short time. Other jobs may required a person to stay longer.
  5. Hi! I'm an Italian girl and I'm looking for a summer job in Glasgow for 2 months (August and September). I can speak English at an intermediate level (also German and of course fluent Italian) and was looking for something in pub or cafe. If you can help me I would appreciate it very much!
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