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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. It's an embarassment at the moment. But I remember it was a lovely square when I was young; trees, planted areas, statues. It looked like a square in the centre of a city should look. I can only assume it was changed to turn it into something that could make money for the council. And I also assume that that is what it will remain; so bascially there is no hope for it.


  2. I'm no poet and I don't write poetry and I know no real poet would consider this a poem - but it made my dad happy on his birthday - so I'm happy to have written it.

    Dad - I'm, four (I mean we are all four)

    And I know what dad's are for

    A knee to be bounced on

    A shoulder to be up high on

    Or sometimes - a shoulder to scream and cry on

    Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four)

    And you are like the biggest tree in the forrest

    Solid, rooted, always dependable

    With strong branches that cover and protect

    So I feel protected.

    Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four)

    And Dad, I want your attention -

    I am rapt - I follow you, entranced

    I always want to be in your gang.

    And you give me your attention and I am in your gang - so I'm nothing but happy.

    Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four)

    And you are a magician - and you can fix and make anything

    A seat for the bogey, a paper hat from a newspaper

    A rabbit with your hands, conjuring up a tissue for a snobbery nose

    And I'm always breaking something - and you always fixing it.

    Dad I'm four (I mean we are all four)

    And you make me smile when I'm sad

    like when I've been told to stop eating the the coal from the bunker

    And Dad, how come when you comfort me

    you can sing this song better than Elvis or Nat King Cole:

    “Smile though your heart is aching...”


  3. Great to see Bradley Wiggins doing so well in the race. Tomorrow he looks all set to become Britain's first ever winner.

    It's reckoned his performance has boosted the sale of bicycles in Scotland. David Millar, the Scot, won a stage but has dropped back quite a bit. Millar is in the Olympic cycling squad.

    'Cycling Scotland, the body for promoting the sport, is anticipating a boom in interest.'


    Chris Hoy was no slouch and some of the women cyclists brought medals back to Britain last time.

    They can always go to Millport to practise. :lol:

    He just needs to stay on his bike until the finish tomorrow to make history. Fantastic!


  4. And Fancy Wooden Box from new album The Innocent

    A fingerpicking blues that sounds like it could have been written in the 1920s or 1930s. A prisoner contemplating his last minutes before execution; hoping to elicit your sympathy as he tells his story. The beat is supplied by Jim's brother Peter beating his arm-chair with a wooden mallet; there's home recording and then there is recording your home.

  5. A song from my new album called Sand in our shoes. Wistful folk - memories of youth, camaraderie and innocent hopes; hippy beach life remembered - while contemplating what could be a more stressful future. This song inspired the album name and set the pace for many of the songs written for this set of songs.

    The photos are from our trip to Orkney a few years back.

  6. Picked a few outsiders for Pat and myself. And another two for anyone who happens to be in when it's on the telly:

    Pat's picks: Midnight Haze and Swing Bill

    Jim's whims: Black Apalachi and Chicago Grey

    Two to fall on the first circuit: Hello Bud and Calgary Grey.


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