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  1. SNP are now the choice for anyone wanting a 'left leaning' party. I don't think it will matter who is the leader of the Labour Party as it will be difficult for them to appear relevant to the current issues. Whoever it is will be spouting the party line anyway - so what what's the point? I.e. the  anti-indie, pro nuclear warhead, Brexit supporting, austerity pursuing Labour Party. 

  2. Clearly London centric media is forming some very anti-SNP and anti-Nicola Sturgeon sentiment. Luckily for us up here in Scotland the blanket negativity around the SNP and independence from the unionist media has less impact; we recognise the bias. Which is why the SNP won the election by a majority in Scotland. The vote share loss was only -1.7 the large reduction in seats was in part due to tactical voting. The media story is always wide of the mark because it is designed not to describe reality but to influence it.

    Given that Brexit is the most irresponsible and uninformed decision every taken by UK voters, Independence is inevitable. Saving the Scottish economy from the Brexit disaster will be the catalyst. Nicola Sturgeon has zero chance of being removed as SNP leader. Jimbo

  3. I'm still one of the undecided - for lots of reasons - but this Sterling thing is irritating me; the notion that 'Treasury analysis showed it wouldn't work' in relation to a sterling zone holds as much water for me as any other government economic analysis. Politics is politics; and all 'treasury analysis' is political. That's why two different parties always come up with different results and different policies when analysing the same situation. The SNP do their analysis and come up with one conclusion, the Tory government do their analysis and come up with another conclusion; that's not shocking - that's exactly what you would expect; both conclusions confirm the where each group stands in relation to independence.

    Apparently there is 'unacceptable burden on the UK taxpayer' due to the size of the Scottish Banks. The banks are the same size now as they would be in an independent Scotland; logically the burden is the same. My understanding is that Scotland (including me - as I pay tax) along with the rest of the UK owns a big chunk of the Scottish banking industry - after the bailouts; we've already assumed the burden in Scotland - along with everyone else. Basically it sounds more like - ascribing 'incompetence to any nation that is not England' when it comes to economic management.


  4. I was extremely shocked to see this news this morning; as like many other - I thought he was on the mend. It was probably back in the 80s when I first met George - as we used to use the same rehearsal studios. We jammed together quite a few times in the rehearsal studios on South Street. Even though he was a spectacular blues guitar player and I was simple 'punk style' - he never gave the impression that he thought he was the better guitar player. How he carried off that level of humility I've no idea; generous to a fault. I was pleased to be back in touch - on myspace a few years ago - and even though he wasn't well you wouldn't have known it from good-humoured tone in his messages. He'll be missed. RIP 'Big George'.

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