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  1. Could we naw use a big screen TV and a camera hooked onto someones laptop? I don't care too much about location....as long it's a place that's got Italian ice cream, marshmallah soss and big rows of sweetie jars.
  2. Count me in Lynnski. Gonnie make the first one a funny one. A wee bit of levity is much needed these days.
  3. Phew! I thought they made you part of a pavement. I thought maybe someone got you a perrah cement wellies and yer body wis hawding up a tall building. And awe this time you have been irinin and keeping things in apple pie order(in the hoose ah hope) It was our loss Rhumpole. Being good tae each other...... oh aye!....typical Glesca style, kissin and everythin.
  4. I love it....it's perfect sais it all..... a million memories in that group of statues for every mother that exists that watched their wee yin, boy or girl, dress up with mums high heels on. What do you think though? Never mind what we all think....... Is there one with girls in it coming up in the future? I hope so. I'm not so sure Glesca boys will think too much of it but I hope they smile fer ahm betting every single one of them wore their maws shoes at one time in their lives. (and lippy)
  5. Fer the folks that cannie wirk it oot.
  6. Who has actually gone from here that was ancient. I saw Rumpole of the Old bailey the other night and thought..... where is that ole so and so. Oor Rhumphole. Wan day there, next day ......homosexual! Like a magicians magic trick. Also, his lovverly lassie. I saw her poopping in the other day and wondered if she was doing well. See! Yi think the internet is nothing and yet there are people that come in and oot yer electronic page and zap yi right between the eye. Nice, nice people. So, to at least two ancient posters that are maybe peeking in every now and again...
  7. I read The Secret River first Pat. The other one was an adjunct to the first one but magically appeared in the library at the same time all wrapped up with my name on it. I'm naw gonnie say too much about the part when she actually finds "her river" but yill need a hankie. I don't believe I have watched the Minghella's(imagine the teasing he must have got in school)TV drama you are talking about. I'll need to look out for it. This wee gem of a book will have you tittering away like crazy. Bill Brysons The life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid Absolutely brilliant and I'
  8. Thank gawd this book wisnae aboot politics, doe's dosey doein wae bears ur dugs baws. I wid need a camaflaje jaiket and hard helmit just to post. I love this book stuff. Never in a million years would I have picked up Searching for the Secret River. Even though it's right up my educated street. See the stuff in that book Gayle.... taught it fer years on this side of the world. The book open up a wee bit about the life of the Aboriginal Peoples, culture crashes and discrimination going way back, lawlessness, murder and mayhem, the colonists blundering in, highly uneducated i
  9. I know the old ones are quite perfect "Them that laugh first" and awl that, "There is no fool like a pair of ignorant old fools" These old cliches are brilliant but how come there are very few new words of wisdom around. The world has changed enough to include a couple of new ones, surely.
  10. Brilliant! It's great laughing hard at that wan. A man walked into his doctors with a carrot up his nose....celery in one ear, a sausage in the other and a pickle up his bum....... "Doctor , doctor ahm naw feeling sah well" Doctor took wan look at him and said...."....yer naw eatin' right"
  11. Ah know ah shouldnae but..... there is a first time for everythin'. Hullo there Bunny. Howz yer furrie erse fer welts? Honnistly... is yer bobtail still attached? Are you still travelling the internet globe wae awe four feet minus a key chain?
  12. Wid that be the loco motions?
  13. It's awe your fault. Since the Buddha Da book ahve gon awe zen. Boyzoh boy...that man is impossible tae follow.
  14. Bejeeziz..... I witnessed the light getting turned aff. One minute red, the next a blah black. Since yer noo a free man HH, ah wid like to share a few words to ease you back into society. "Keep in mind, total indifference tae numpties is power." I have a tenner on the rabbit getting the lead messidge first.
  15. Do you know how hard it is to find jokes that don't stereotype any particular group? I can only tell you the jokes that I deleted were so bad they were good.
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