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  1. Yes, thats what i thought too, a small room with a living area and a kitchen and a toilet+shower. Thanks Pat for the student room link, was really helpful.
  2. Thank you for the informative replies 600GBP for a studio apartment!!! Isn't that a little steep? I've searched the classifieds on this website and it does have some furnished apartments for less than 500GBP. Is 600GBP all inclusive? I'm confused... All I want is a room and a bathroom and if possible a kitchenette. The reason why I want a seperate unit is becasue I'd probably have my wife over for a couple of months and thought it would be too much of trouble for the people I'm sharing the apartment with. Anyway I will do some more digging, appreciate the help. Joe
  3. Hello Everybody! I'm Joe from India and am coming to Glasgow for a year for my Masters. I need some information regarding acomadation and cost of living. I will be studying at the Glasgow school of Art. I've heard it easier and cheaper to find accomadtion outside the campus, if that is so then what are the neighbourhoods I should look at for renting a studio apartment(budget)? How much does it cost for a studio apartment per month? I know different areas have different rentals but I am just looking for an approximate figure. What is Council Tax and what does A, B, C etc stand for?
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