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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. Whoops sorry dislexic keyboard
  2. All this talk of gigs at the apollo makes me wonder if there is anyone who remembers the Empire in the late 50s we saw some good shows there and some not so good.I remember Jonny Duncan and the Bluegrass boys in particular as the night I saw him he had his leg in plaster and you could hear him coming from the wings.They had to prop him up so that he could perform.good though.
  3. hanks Being a lowly sasanac I only ever heard the first verse.
  4. YES thats it I knew I had the name right Thanks.
  5. What about Ye canna push yer granny off the bus Oh ye canna push your granny offthe bus Oh you canna push yer granny Cos shes yer mammys mammy Oh you canna push yer granny off the bus. Hope Ive got my Glaswegen right.
  6. Does anyone know what happened to 'Greens 'Cinama?I think I have the name right but him indoors says I am wrong.You used to be able to get refreshments brought to your seat.On reflection perhaps you are all too young to remember.
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