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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. We've just come back from our visit to Glasgow (& Wester Ross, etc.), and we took your advice and did pretty much everything the folks here recommended-- from the Pubs to the restaurants to the streets down which we strolled. God I wish we had a Tennent's here! Anyway, all your counsel and advise was well talken and made for a wonderful time. Be sure to let me know if you come to San Francisco-- thanks again.
  2. Well of course I am convinced the same thing will happen to me in Glasgow. Someone will say 'Och" or "wee dram" and I'll not have a clue as to what they mean....
  3. I think we are indeed going up that way- Loch Torridon, on the west coast up past Skye. Four days of wandering about..... Do you know a good place to stay on the way back to Glasgow?
  4. Dougie? What would that be then? Is this Scottish code for something edible ( )
  5. What a wonderful group of people here! Thanks so much for the terrific ideas. It will be my fist time in Glasgow (an ancestor was married there in the 1600s), and I will definitely look into the College of Piping (I see that I could have a short lesson there, good fun) and some of the pubs and music venues you've mentioned. We hope to settle on a reasonable B&B shortly in the West End. Thanks again, CK1
  6. Hello. I am to visit in June '09 from San Francisco. (Later we're going up north west past Skye) I am interested in traditional music and piping (I'm just starting out), and hope to stay for a few days in the West End. Perhaps a B&B? I am intersted in places I might visit to hear some good music in the evenings. I'd be grateful for ideas on quiet, interesting places my wife and I might stay (preferably West End, I think, no?), and where we might find music (or anythign else you think we simply *must* see!). Regards, CK
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