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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. Hey folks, Many thanks for the replies! Westender - yea I'm on the red sandstone side of Kersland Street. The stove looks pretty much like your picture! I'd post a photo if I hadn't dropped my camera in Loch Lomond last week...! Barry - thanks for the useful info. I've googled again and found some useful stuff. But it looks like I'll have to get the chimbob cleaned etc and get the thing going before I really know what all of the levers do. I got a quote for re-lining a flu recently - about £1000. Think I'll have to wait until the Kellogs Credit Munch has finished before I can afford that. Thanks again. Steve
  2. Hi Folks, Hope I've posted this to the right forum. Just a general question on the local history theme that I'm hoping someone can help with… I have a ye olde cast iron range in my kitchen in Kersland Street - I guess many flats in the West End have the same. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how they work? I've searched everywhere on the web and can't find any information. Maybe I'm too young :0) The range has an open fire box with a stone grate in the centre, an oven to the right, 3 hot plates on the top, along with a semi-circular protruding "hatch" on the top that looks like it's also been used to burn fuel. There are quite a few levers, hatches and thingamyjigs on the range, and I haven't a clue what they do Has anyone has come across a site that shows how they work? Or can someone give me a quick explanation? I'd like to know if it's an oven+hot plates, or is it a boiler too? How would it have been started up? What do the levers do? What's the semi-circular thing on the top for? I can't see a model name, but the range has the marking "Dow's Patent, close and open fire, range acts separately or simultaneously" on it. There's also a marking for the local Glasgow installer, but I can't read it. Don't worry - I'm not planning to try to get it working. I'm just interested in how it works. It was last used in 1962, judging by the old newspapers in the fire box. Much more interesting to leave it that way I think. Hope someone can help Many thanks, Steve
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