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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. ok lets just forget about any mis-understandings, its not worth it, thanks for all the pictures and help you have given
  2. hi lynski, that was a silly answer, how can i be "nosey" about my parents? what a stupid childish response, if you have nothing constructive to offer me in my search then please do not respond, regards dominic
  3. hi i really appreciate your response to my original question, i got the house number wrong, i checked my birth certificate and it was actually No 35, my fathers name is James Culleton or Seamus Culleton to others, my mother is Ann (cullen)my christian name is James but my mother decided to use my middle name Dominic for whatever reason, she said that there was a very naughty James the same age as me in the same close whose mother would scream at him to "get in this f*%&ing hoose" (sorry i cant write it like you pros) anyway she did not want any other neighbour to think it was her using suc
  4. thank you for your rapid answers, im very impressed, i will go and look at the leads you have given me and i will let you know,
  5. hello, my name is dominic and i'm new to this site, i am hoping to try and find out about the place i was born in, it was 29 ( i believe ) glenfield street in april 1966, my parents are james and ann culleton, if anyone has any info on the house with pictures if possible and on my parents i would be very grateful, thankyou
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