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  1. Austria Number of major vessels: 8 registered, 25 owned Total tonnage: 29,634 GRT (37,425 DWT) Vessel types: 6 cargo, 2 container Vessel ownership: 6 Austria, 2 Netherlands Vessels registered abroad: 19: 13 Liberia, 3 Malta, 2 Austria http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_merch...y#.C2.A0Austria And land-locked Switzerland has even more ..... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merchant_Marine_of_Switzerland
  2. I think these clips may have been culled from a video (VHS) which was available in the Transport Museum and entitled "Online Video - Glasgow Trams" and which was produced in co-operation with the Scottish Tramway and Transport Society. Part one was available in 1992 and Part two was supposed to be available in 1993. Part One deals with the history of the tram fleet, the growth of the undertaking and the closures up to 1959. Part two deals with the closures of 1960 - 1962.
  3. On a Saturday morning we used to go to the ABC minors at the Grosvenor. It cost 3d to get in which left 3d for sweets ... and that bought quite a lot of them! I used to walk to school and spend the subway fare on sweets which were bought at RS McColl when it was next to the chip shop on the block between Ruthven St. & Roxburgh St.
  4. Probably because they were no lucky enough to experience it 8)
  5. Their paranoid parents won't let them out. We got kicked out and told not to come back in before tea time.
  6. Both Ruthven St. and Roxburgh St. were built around 1890.
  7. I really wish you would not refer to the subway as that. No true Glaswegian would!
  8. 100% correct. The garage was Wylie Locheads (if memory serves me well). It closed in the 1960s (I remember my mum getting petrol in there) and was demolished to be replaced by the supermarket and flats that we know today. That supermarket opened around 1970 (they poached the stockman from Woolies to run their stock room).
  9. Tube is a "Londonism". I never heard it called anything but the "subway" or "underground" (if you were posh). The first time I heard anyone call it the tube was in the 1970s
  10. The West End I grew up in was full of kids. It was very different to the West End today. We played in the street and in the lanes. We didn't play in the parks cos you usually got chased by the parkies. We played hide-n-seek, kick the can, commandos, crosses and headers, we dreeped down dykes and we rode our bikes all over the West End.
  11. Especially the smell and the wind. And paying a penny ha'penny to go two stops. And the light that went on above the wee office to tell you a train was coming.
  12. Thompsons the barber shop next to the Gardens Cafe The Berkely restaurant where my dad took us when my mother was down with migraine. The toy shop that was roughly where the Amber is now Masseys with its huge pats of butter The fishmonger which was opposite Gt. George St and had dead game birds hanging from its open windows Tullys the ironmonger which was 20 times better than that place in Kelvinbridge. The Gardens cafe which was run by an older Italian couple. The wife had her hair permed a different elctric colour every week (blue, pink, green, etc.) The 2nd hand booksho
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