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  1. final piece of the year. Started this back in june, picked up, dropped, repeat until this stage
  2. thank you Pat, one more pic hopefully finished before we stop for Christmas
  3. I see one of the tories standing for election stated it was ok for disabled people to be paid below minimum wage because they were so pleased to have a job. Meanwhile not to be outdone in the sensitivity stakes, a tory hoping to be elected in Stirlingshire suggested foodbanks were okay because there's one just beside his holiday home in Spain. Clearly the pre election lobotomies were successful.
  4. The entire political department of the BBC should be sacked and cleared out, they have single-handedly destroyed the reputation of the BBC
  5. finally starting to see the end of my latest splodgefest. Lost heart with it several times but finally getting something
  6. she is the only person in the UK with a british accent - she has a touch or everywhere from cornwall to orkney - and that's in each sentence. And, we know if its a hung parliament she would side with the tories
  7. Jo Swinson will be lucky to hold on to her East Dunbartonshire seat
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZqN1glz4JY&feature=emb_logo
  9. unravelling some of the tory parties gerrymandering is needed
  10. still ploughing on but this one might have me beaten time to fall back on 'eh its an impressionist interpretation'
  11. what happened to that ditch Boris would die in?
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