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  1. I've bitten the bullet and started a portrait of my niece. It may never see the light of day - I like my niece :-)
  2. Netflix series, brilliantly done. A CIA officer investigating whether a middle eastern man bringing to the world a message of peace and repentance is a charlatan or a messiah. Huge parallels with how the emergence of Christ today would be treated. Very well acted, loses its way a wee bit mid series but finishes with a bang 8/10
  3. A film about the artist Lowry and his mother. Timothy Spalding plays the artist and Vanessa Redgrave is the mother. Superb performances from two great actors. The story is intriguing, on the surface we have an over bearing, manipulative mother figure, yet as the film develops you see different layers of the relationship. Fascinating film, 7/10
  4. Several years ago on Bute we went for a New Years Day hurl in the car. Found a cafe on a rural shoreline which was open and selling fabulous home made soup. The place was mobbed.
  5. Right 2020, 2019 was a stinker, get it sorted
  6. So sorry to hear this Pat, hope all are coping
  7. Thank you Pat Challenge for the New Year is a portrait
  8. Hope you all had a wonderful time and Santa had you on his 'good' list
  9. interestingly there were collectively more votes for pro remain/second referendum parties than for pro brexit parties
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