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  1. London and West Midlands are badly impacted, very understandable Prince Charles and his bidey in headed for Deeside.
  2. given this Government has excluded us from the EU ventilator programme and instead of placing an order for new ventilators with a company that actually makes them, instead choosing to reward a tax dodging, vacuum cleaner maker who has nil experience making ventillators, him catching it was beautiful karma in action
  3. taking a bath in cow dung will help with effective social distancing
  4. encouraging results from a new drug (remdisivir) currently under trials in the U.S. This is the drug that proved effective in the fight against ebola.
  5. Meanwhile the tory minister who refused the set up of mock drug consumption rooms at the Glasgow conference will set one up down south. seems its just a bad idea when its proposed by Scottish Government
  6. I am taking on a challenge to myself and creating something from imagination. Going to use the faery pools on Skye as the back drop for a bit of a super natural swally session
  7. Coronavirus is an umbrella name for a collective of similar viruses and the one doing the rounds currently is just another strain. Some of these viruses have been circulating for over a year especially in Saudi Arabia and Iran. It all depends on the individual and how their immune system and respiratory system reacts. If you are in pretty reasonable to good health you could go through this and not even know apart from the same symptoms as the seasonal flu. However if you have bronchitis, COPD, lung cancer, immune problems it could wreak havoc on you. Vulnerable people should stay away from crowds, city centres, and avoid shaking hands for the next few months. The virus does enjoy the freezing cold which might explain Scotland's current luck. There may be big issues ahead for the US. They can really thank Trump for dismantling the global health division of the CDC. Sadly for Trump, disease usually beats the fake news narrative and this could have an important impact on his presidency. They didn’t have test kits, then they issued faulty test kits. Because they only have the National capacity to carry out 400 tests a day and they’re expensive they were only testing people who met the expected criteria (travel to China etc) unless they were seriously sick so by now it’s likely all over the place. There were travel restrictions in from about the start of February but they didn’t apply to citizens and curiously the virus doesn’t recognize citizenship. It was pretty much always going to spread in the USA but they’ve run an absolute clown show preparing for it. When it does take off it’s going to be tragic, they’ll be asking people with no sick pay to stay home and self quarantine, they’ll be asking people with no insurance to go to a doctor, hell the test is $3000 a pop. It should take off like a bullet, it’s the perfect conditions for it. That should be the virus does not enjoy freezing cold (couldn't get the edit function to work)
  8. Hi Pat My first portrait, actually looks like albeit 13 pounds lighter and ten years younger - she loves it
  9. Meanwhile Boris and his puppet master hire a eugenics supporting advisor, a chancellor who will dance to their tune and a Home Secretary that disagrees with an independent judiciary.
  10. absolutely love the use of colour, very warming
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