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  1. A 'hello' to everyone from south of the border and yes, everything is looking very Christmassy where I am. Manchester is crammed full of Christmas market stalls which are spread across the city centre. I was also in Bath a week or so ago - a beautiful and interesting city - and enjoyed being among the lights and their Christmas market. I hope everyone is well and I can see some very familiar names so a special 'Merry Christmas' to you.
  2. We dashed across the platform, squeezing through the crowd, and boarded the train. The doors rumbled behind us as they slid shut and I turned around. There you were, my five-year-old, there, staring at me through the glass. Stupidly, I looked down at my hand. Did I really expect to see yours? When was our grip lost? The underground train jolted and started to move. Your small form being swallowed up by the crowd and my decreasing angle of view. The carriage plunged into the tunnel. I called out. Looked up for a handle. Button. Panel. Anything to force the train to stop. But nothing. Packed in
  3. Thursday 23 December Midnight Dear Diary Been thinking all day about the Prince’s Ball. Grimelda and Safi have been a nightmare all day ordering me around, getting everything ready for THEM. No time for cleaning. I’ll pay for that! Not even had five minutes to myself and been close to tears all day. But didn’t cry because that would have just made things worse for me. Now just trying to keep these pages dry. I hate those two. It’s so unfair. Friday 24 December 11pm Dear Diary It’s been worse than Hell. The Devil himself couldn’t
  4. Reflections I knew what it was before I’d finished opening it: the weight, the size, the shape, the feel, they all told me what I needed to know. And, as I tore the final piece of packaging away, I found myself looking down at my reflection. It was that mirror. The letter from Aunt Sarah’s executors had explained that I would be receiving a package containing, to use the words in my aunt’s will, ‘something to remember our brief times together by’. I looked at the thing now resting on my knee and was taken back to my childhood and those occasional visits to see my mother
  5. 30 June 2016 He slumped forward, his face crashing into the dessert. Bits of almond and apple Bakewell hit the nearest diners and a Special Branch officer dashed over, his training fully triggered. After a brief examination he announced, ‘I’m afraid he’s dead. Please, nobody leave the room.’ Then, as an after-thought, ‘and do not touch the food.’ Another officer spoke into a radio, ‘Seal all exits. Number 2 down and out.’ The VIP guests settled back into their places. Some visibly shaken, others clearly disappointed that their Best of British Luncheon had been spoiled. Al
  6. Life is fine. Made redundant a few months ago but recently started a new job. Grandad for the second time. Keeping busy with my writing group and just finished proof-reading and editing our latest anthology. I still think about Glasgow and the West End and I have many very good memories. Hope all is good with everyone.
  7. A very belated Happy Christmas but an early Happy New Year to everyone here from a wet but not submerged Manchester.
  8. A few weeks late. January 1 January wakes with a weary yawn, a sore head – heavy and hung over from the year before. A dead chill holds streets and alleyways, reluctant to let go, while low clouds loiter with heavy regret. Ice clings – a glaze of crystals holding on for dear dear life, in failing defiance. A drip of water, the creak of a gate, a lone bird fluffs out its feathers, a cat watches. The air shifts into a whistful breeze; scraps of coloured paper, remnants of last night, lift then fall. A curtain shifts and a glazed face peers out onto a froze
  9. I know this is a bit belated but - - - all the best to you lynnski and the new Mr lynnski!!
  10. Watching the lead up to the opening ceremony - ah! the memories of Glasgow!
  11. I got as Scottish as David Cameron - that surprised me as I didn't think I was that Scottish!
  12. Enjoying the sunshine here in Manchester and hoping it's going to last and last. It makes such a huge difference from the chop and change weather we've been having for most of the time. All I wish now is that it stays around for a few more weeks as I'm off work the first two weeks of August and want to really be able to take advantage of the great weather. Enjoyed a day in Cumbria at the weekend with my daughter who now lives there although I did pass on the proposed swim in Ullswater - nothing would tempt me into the water no matter how hot the air was. Then, in a few weeks time, I'm
  13. Temptation The path meandered drunkenly between the inn and the church, skirting tombs and gravestones laid out randomly on the consecrated earth – a path, made by use rather than design, and the shortest distance between the holy door and the Devil’s porch. Every night at 11 a dark, cloaked figure would depart the sinful glow of the inn, turn to bestow a final blessing on the patrons within and then meander its contented way back to the sanctuary of St. Petroc’s … and a nightcap of communion wine. Then it would be a case of choosing a pew to stretch out a weary soul and slip into a peacef
  14. It's great and of course she's the most perfect baby in the world!
  15. Merry Christmas to everyone and best wishes for 2013 from a dark and wet Manchester.
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