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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. You calling us Scots parsimonious.... Seriously (well almost), overheard in a Glasgow pub: "So he wis just a wan night staun then." "Ach, it's no worth the effort if you only get the wan use oot o' it, is it?" There could follow a serious debate about the way that Glasgow lassies have a way of conducting an entire conversation in questions. Don't try to find the answer; in fact don't try to understand the quetsions... Leave. Pronto. :wink:
  2. At a guess, I would say that the photograph was taken from the viewpoint just along from the Art School. The road from left to right is going along to St George's Cross. The sort of diagonal junction up to the right is Woodlands Rd leading to Gibson Street and then the Uni. I suspect that the building on the corner is called Charing Cross Mansions but it may be that that is the name of it's sole remaining counterpart which sits diagonally opposite on the corner of Sauciehall St. It is, in fact Charing Cross - or what is left of it. 8)
  3. Look at the picture on the top left of the board; that ought to give you a strong clue. Anyone got any pictures of Charing Cross before the Vandals, sorry, developers got their sticky paws on it?
  4. Well, for what it's worth I reckon it's either Scottish something or Scotch something. Whichever, have you tried looking at the image as a negative, HH. It looks really good! 8)
  5. Actually, my first wis The Sleeping Beauty. Nice psychadelic vinyl (yes, the vinyl itself) I earned the money to buy it by putting on a puppet show in a close in **** . Aged eight, I was already condemned to always lose money (there agin they used the Tchaikovsky score and I used to hide behind the sofa whenever the witch came on she wis that scary). The first kind of poppy singly thing I bought wis a song called (roughly) "hubble, bubble, toil and trouble" - see, the witches were still wi' me! Fur the rest I played the Beatles EP's that my uncle brought and Peter, Paul and Mary doing "Blowing in the Wind". Didnae know then that they were a manufactured group, far less that Dylan had been asked tae join (that'd be Peter, Paul and the Hairy Mary's then). Me other favourite piece o' nonsense wis The Inkspots. From then on it wis downhill. See that classical music when you get a notion for it.... :twisted:
  6. Gonnae stop speaking in code. I dinnae understaun aw they references to beansprouts??? More precisely, chaps, one day someone will succeed in teaching me all of this stuff. In the meantime I'll use my usual rule of thumb: if it was written before 1940 then it's probably good. Afterwards - go on, convince me.... Now, I've no wish to be an old fashioned gal in an old fashioned house. I'm just an old fashioned guy. There again, the old fashioned millionaire always sounded like a good option..... :twisted:
  7. pianopete

    Byres Road

    Just post the invites, Rolo. We'll be there. Seriously, though, I do remember the sneaky business of getting a carry out in a bar without certain "party addicts" noticing and following you up the road to whichever address had been nominated for that evening's debauchery. I also remember being at a three day party somewhere around the Yooni Library - Goodies did particularly well out of that one! Happy (ish) days....
  8. pianopete

    Byres Road

    Well, if you want to call twenty five years and more a temporary interlude it's up to you. Most historians would term that as a generation. However, isn't it fun to think that we once had a bookshop that sold a few records (pace Brian Hogg), aka Smiths, and now have a humungus cd/dvd outlet, Fopp, which sells a few books! 8)
  9. pianopete

    Byres Road

    Three, possibly four or five spring to my mind at the moment.
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