Life and Lanark Exhibition:

Photo: book. 5 March until 21 May 2011

The Mitchell Library North Street Glasgow City, Glasgow G3 7DN

To mark the 30th Anniversary of Alasdair Gray's Lanark: A Life in Four Books, Glasgow Libraries present an exhibition of the author's work for the book - the result of what he calls his 'awful productiveness' - over 60 years.

The exhibition offers a rare chance to see items from The Mitchell Library and private collections including typescripts, proofs and original artwork.

Visit the exhibition to see:

  • The various editions of Lanark plus typescripts and proofs
  • The stages and changes the book went through on its journey from author to reader as we follow a single page from typescript to print.
  • The books that Alasdair Gray read and how his reading fed into his imagination and later into his writing.
  • A timeline showing Alasdair Gray's journey as writer and artist and the development of Lanark over three decades.
  • Alasdair Gray's artwork for his own writing and for others, including Cowcaddens, the oil painting reproduced on the cover of Lanark.
  • How Alasdair Gray saw himself: self portraits 1955-2004.
  • What contemporary reviewers said about Lanark.
  • Portrait of Alasdair Gray by Sandy Moffatt. Courtesy of The Democratic Left Scotland?
  • Alasdair Gray 0-70: a film made for BBC Scotland and screened courtesy of Hopscotch Films

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