Glasgow Walking Tours

Photo: bairds tours. Beginners' Guide to Glasgow - £5 per person

We specialize in walks for 1 to 6 people developed around the interests of our visitors. The walks are designed for first time visitors to Glasgow.

Our Walking Tours offer you a wonderful way to experience the city close up. If you enjoy walking and are reasonably fit and healthy then a Glasgow walking tour is a great way to find all those little places that would take you an age to discover on your own.

There is a lot of walking involved, but it will be walked at a pace to suit party. Bring wet weather gear in case of rain and wear comfortable shoes.

How to book:

Mobile: 07902081097
Home: 01389380169

"Thank you very much for the so hospitable city tour in Glasgow. It?s very true we arrived in Glasgow as Tourists and left as friends ? have a great summertime"
Theodora, George, Dimitris ? Athens, Greece.
"Thanks again for showing us around Glasgow; it was great to know something about the place we are visiting from a local.
And thanks for the tip on sitting on the left hand side of the train; that was a great trip... Good luck continuing your walking tours."
"We just wanted to say thank you for the guided walk last Friday evening. We may not have looked as if we were enjoying it as the weather worsened, but we did. It was very entertaining and informative and we learned all sorts of things that we wouldn't otherwise have known. It was lovely to be shown round by a true Glaswegian and it was evident from both you and Margaret and Jean how proud you are of your city."