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Added on Saturday 16 Feb 2013


Photo: north kelvin meadow. Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Everywhere! Now! No physical location!

Hello there! Bit of a funny 'event' this one - it's not a physical event as such just taking the chance to show support with our friends over at North Kelvin meadow - - a grand, lovely, wild, utilised by the local community which has been under constant threat of being destroyed by development.

The latest stage of the journey - due to the inability of Glasgow City Council's to adequately represent local opinion - is to try and gather enough support to 'call in' to the Scottish Government the decision by the city council to sell the land and this procedure is the only reason the land was not sold previously in the 1990's.

If anybody had a couple of minutes to review the information and add themselves to the petition to support North Kelvin Meadow we, and they, would be very grateful. Such space in the middle of the city in priceless. Thanks,

Video - North Kelvin Meadow

Stop Glasgow City Council Building on North Kelvin Meadow Childrens Wood

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