Volunteering Opportunities

Added on Thursday 31 Jan 2013

Photo: ckuk. Woodlands Community Garden are currently exploring ways in which they can:

  • expand the range of volunteering opportunities we provide
  • increase the amount of training and learning opportunities offered at the garden
  • pilot a skills exchange network among users and volunteers of the garden

To assist us with planning of (and fundraising for!) all of the above, it would be great if people could take a few minutes to complete a short online survey.

CKUK (Common Knowledge UK), who will be working with Woodlands Community Garden over the coming months, are looking for volunteers with learning difficulties to get involved in their new gardening project. ?

Get in touch ?with CKUK on ?0141 556 530

Plans for the future will be discussed at next garden meeting, taking place at the garden on Sunday 10th February at 2pm

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