Scottish New Music Awards

Added on Friday 31 Aug 2012

The Scottish New Music Awards

Live on Celtic Music Radio this Sunday evening

The Scottish New Music Awards 2012 will be broadcast live on Celtic Music Radio 1530AM and online on Sunday evening, 2 September 2012 live from the Classic Grand music venue in Glasgow city centre.

The purpose of The Scottish New Music Awards is to present a professional event to honour the music made in Scotland and recognise the artists and the industry that make it happen.

Beyond entertaining, the Scottish New Music Awards strives to educate attendees on an important part of Scottish culture. There is no other event like The Scottish New Music Awards.

There is no political motivation or corporate pressure behind this event, the Scottish New Music Awards is for music lovers by music lovers.

Last month a handful of industry professionals from broad range of creative sectors got together and whittled down 300 plus applicants tracks down to just five for each category: pop, rock, alt rock, loud/metal, ska/punk, electronic, urban, jazz, folk, and roots. And this just the music side!

The industry side this year will be honouring the best in teaching, retail, booking, managing, photographing, radio, live venues, events, labels, video production and print publication ? from all across Scotland.

The 2012 Scottish New Music Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 2 at the Classic Grand, Jamaica Street in Glasgow city centre. Celtic Music Radio presenters Liz Clark, Bob McWilliam, Ross Macfadyen and Gordon Hotchkiss will guide listeners through the evening with live music from the main Classic Grand stage and interviews with the Award winners.

The Awards organiser and promoter of the SNMA, Bruce Hotchkies, says: ?We would just like to say a big thank you to everyone so far who has taken part and good luck to all our nominees. We will see you all on the 2nd!?

The Scottish New Music Awards 2012 live from the Classic Grand in Glasgow City Centre will be ?live? on Celtic Music Radio on Sunday 2 September from 7.00pm.


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