Harvest Festival and other events

Added on Monday 13 Aug 2012

Photo: harvest festival. Harvest Festival Saturday 8th September 2pm-7pm

Our Harvest Festival is taking place on Saturday 8th September from 2-7pm. There will be a heady mix of music, food, art happenings, workshops and family friendly entertainment. The theme for this year's festival is "A Land for all Seasons". We will be celebrating the achievements of the garden over the last 12 months in our unique Woodlands Garden way. Join us if you can and spread the word by circulating the attached flyer.

Garden Meeting Sunday 19th August at 1pm

Join us in the garden this Sunday for our monthly meeting, at which will be going over the programme and arrangements for our Harvest festival. We'll need plenty of volunteers to help out at the festival so do come along on Sunday to see how best you can help.

Tuesday Tutorials 6.30-7.30pm

Our garden tutorials are ongoing every Tuesday evening from 6.30-7.30pm. Free and no need to book. The next three tutorials are

Tuesday 14th August Soil
improving, fertilising, composting, leaf mould and herbal brews

Tuesday 21st August
Weeds and Beneficial plants managing weeds plus plants to encourage wildlife

Tuesday 28th August
Pests and Diseases identifying problems with plant health & protecting against pests

Communal Garden Work Sessions

Our communal garden sessions take place every Sunday 12-4, Tuesday 4-8 and Wednesday 4-8. We want to make the garden look as spectacular as possible for our Harvest festival, so there is plenty still to do. Do join us if you can.

Woodlands Artist Network Meeting

Saturday 1st September 2pm - 4pm
To help boost our capacity to do more art work in Woodlands and also to chat over some of the issues and possibilities of our new workspace proposal, we are hosting a network meeting for local artists, craftspeople and those directly involved in the arts. Its taking place on Saturday 1st September from 2-4pm in the Community Garden.

Woodlands Arts Survey

We need your help by completing a short-online survey. We know that there are lots of creative types in Woodlands, but hope to map this a bit more fully. The results of our survey will be used to inform our thinking in relation to the development of Woodlands Workspace at our new gap site of 127 West Princes Street, and to help support funding bid(s) we are working on to support more arts activity in the garden. The survey is available at survey monkey.com and only takes 2 mins to complete..


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