July Update

Added on Friday 6 Jul 2012

Artist In Residence Wanted

Woodlands Community Garden are seeking an artist in residence, to work for 12 days during August and September. Delivering an interactive programme of community arts activity under the theme A Land for All Seasons, the artist in residence will also play a key role in our harvest activities over the weekend of 8-9 September. To send your CV along with a one side A4 project proposal to woodlandscommunitygarden@gmail.com. Closing date is 5pm on Monday 23rd July.

Monday Evenings At The New Gap Site (Woodlands Workspace)

Join us on Mondays from 6-8pm at our new gap site at 127 West Princes Street (just along from the community garden). Help with clearing the site and preparing the way for the next phase of the development. Over the coming months we will be drawing up and consulting on more detailed designs for affordable workspace/artist studios to be built on the site. You can follow our progress on Woodlands Community Development Trust's new website . This new website will contain details of what the Trust is up to outwith the community garden and complements the community garden's own website:www.woodlandscommunitygarden.org.uk

Garden Meeting: Sunday 15th July at 1pm

Join us in the garden on Sunday 15th to mulch over ideas and find out how you can get more involved in the garden. We'll also be discussing plans for a harvest weekend in early September, so come along if you have ideas to share or would like to help out in anyway.

Glasgow Harvest At Greyfriars Garden.

Saturday 28th July 12-4pm Shuttle Street, Merchant City, Glasgow, G1 1QA

We'll be taking part at a Harvest event on 28 July, being organised by NVA and Hidden Gardens. There will be stalls, growing workshops, free tastings, live music and a unique This for That a cash free exchange market.We are looking for volunteers to help with our stall at the market, so let us know if you can help out. Come along to our garden meet on 15th July if you'd like to find out more or visit hidden gardens website

Bees In The Garden Weds 1st August, 6-8pm

Bumblebees are the sound of summer, but their numbers have been greatly declining. Anthony McCluskey from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust will be coming to the garden to talk about bumblebees and how we can support them by Gardening In Ways That Help Them.

Coming Soon: Food For All Seasons

From the end of July through to late October we will be running a series of 15 garden and food orientated workshops in the garden. If there are topics you would like us to cover do let us know or come along to our July meeting to share your ideas. From late July we'll be extending our communal gardening times and be back in touch soon once the new hours are finalised. In the meantime you can still join us in the garden every Wednesday 3-8 and Sunday 12-4. Our popular vegetarian cookery classes will be back in the autumn so again we'll let you know when arrangements are finalised.

Happy growing and Happy Eating!


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