A Play, a Pint and an Award

Added on Monday 4 Jun 2012

Photo: David. The West End's best-known drama producer has won a top critics' award for the vast amount of work and talent he has ploughed into no less than 250 plays in Oran Mor's A Play, A Pie and A Pint series.

The honour to David MacLennan recognises his huge contribution to drama in a highly popular milieu outside the conventional theatrical establishment, and implicitly recognises Oran Mor's major contribution to the arts.

The Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) accolade honours people who have made outstanding achievements in Scottish theatre in ways that aren't otherwise properly recognised.

David MacLennan has spent the last eight years steadily building on the established success of the Oran Mor plays, which have established the venue as a vital element in Glasgow's vibrant drama scene.